Heading into my final full week here in the United States. I have been dealing with the minor details. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Some good and some bad.

Selling The Car

I sold the monger mobile. I debated on doing a private sale but I am lazy and dealing with unwashed masses off of Craigslist wasn’t on my agenda.

Went to CarMax and showed up with my title and registration. Walked out with a check in a little over 60 minutes and took an Uber home. That was the easy part.

Now I have to wait for the great state of Maryland to receive my license plates. As I found out I can’t cancel my car insurance until they receive my plates. If I cancel my insurance before they receive the plates I get fined $1500.

Cover Me

I had researched all my insurance options a few months back. At the time I wasn’t able to apply for insurance because my trip wasn’t within 30 days. Fair enough.

Earlier this week I put in my application and gave my credit card. Gave them my medical history which isn’t horrible but it clearly shows I don’t live a vegan lifestyle. My coverage was denied. Bastards

Now I am looking at World Nomads because they don’t care. Same price I would have paid. Once I get in country I’ll look at some other coverage but right now I can’t be bothered.

Take My Money Please

I have a few accounts at a bank. Wasn’t a big deal because I could deposit checks with internet banking. Until I could not.

They have a maximum amount you can deposit on a 30 days rolling cycle. So the check I got from my car sale was not able to be deposited. This also led to a problem with Mama Spanky being able to deposit various checks I receive for freelance work.

With a call to the bank to beg to get the deposit bumped was a negative even after being a customer for 18 years. They got told to get bent and I was off to open a new account with a bank that is local here. So now Mama Spanky can just go to the bank and put my money in.

Was an unexpected problem and now I’m dealing with the fun of moving money. Of course my old bank has limits on how much I can transfer per-month.


Minor Details

I am desperate to get the hell out of here and start my new life. It just seems that every time I think I’m set there is some minor details that require my attention. It’s like the closer I get to departure the more the little shit shows up to mess with your agenda.