Why do monger communities always feel the need to comment on a business that caters to mongers? This isn’t about bad service or even praise for the business in question. It’s endless speculation about the owner, the owners business practices behind the scenes, the staff, basically anything other than the front facing business itself.

I completely understand that every monger community has its go to places. The ones that enjoy popularity above all others. These are the ones that are endlessly speculated about. What I don’t understand is why do mongers feel the need to be armchair business owners and make comments based solely on rumor and hearsay. For those few times when truth is shared by an owner to what they feel like is a trusted person to unload on, this will eventually become a topic on a monger community.

Here is the thing. Unless you own the business, have a stake in the business other than spending money at the place you have no say. It’s not your place to be perfectly honest. Too many businesses get shit written about them that is patently false based on “word on the street”; half truths based on incorrect information; or perfectly accurate but was not for public consumption.

Mongers love to be armchair anythings. The internet makes a perfect forum for anonymous pontification and speculation. There is very little chance of a negative outcome for the poster. There is a big chance for a potential shit storm to brew because other like to pile on and offer their own opinions.

If you feel the need to state your opinion on a business other than one directly affecting your satisfaction as a customer, go start one. Tell us all how easy it is to start a business in a foreign country. Tell us all how its rainbows and kittens dealing with the local bureaucracy. Pontificate on employee management. You earned the right because its your business.

Until then. Mind your business.