I am not a guy that really cares about dead people. Sounds harsh I know. My theory is you are dead what the hell do you want me to do about it? I can’t fix it and regardless of what various religious texts say about it, dead people don’t come back to life. The human psyche can’t deal with death. It’s likely why vampires are so damn popular anymore. The thought of immortality with the way Hollywood packages it makes it an appealing concept. Me personally, I’m a Highlander type of guy. I’m Spanky McMonger of the Clan McMonger and I’m immortal. Plus the sound track was done by Queen. Except for The Lost Boys no vampire movie can top that.

It brings me to my point of all this. My travel schedule is jammed packed in the next coming months. With trips to Florida and Texas then I have work commitments and the final pieces on Monger Travels HQ to get it listed. Still, I feel the need to make a trip in Paco’s honor. I know he was trying to get to Costa Rica and came up sick and then had family stuff he was dealing with. He never got to do his last trip to Costa Rica unless he snuck it in and I didn’t know about it.

Why am I willing to make this trip? Weirdly enough Paco’s death impacted me. I stress again I don’t really care about dead people. Not much I can do about it so why worry. Still, Paco went out young. It reminds me that life is short and unexpected. So I feel the need to go in his honor. Kinda as a way to honor the troll.

Why do this in Costa Rica; a place I admittedly find little redeeming qualities in? It’s where I met him. It was where he was going to go for trip before life took an unexpected turn.

If I have learned anything from this experience its that you can’t go through life hating. Pissed off and hostile is perfectly fine. Hating not so much. I changed. Costa Rica has more-or-less stayed the same. Regardless of what keyboard cowboys such as myself pontificate on websites about mongering the same shit has been going on for years. The faces changes the prices go up with the time but nothing else.

Those of us that have hated on Costa Rica just simply have grown as people. Growth is good. I have grown as a monger. I have grown as a traveler. I have grown as a person. Parting of the growth is that the problem with Costa Rica is/was me.

So with that said. It’s time for the memorial trip in honor of Paco. I will be arriving in San Jose, Costa Rica on May 8th and there till the 13th. Feel free to hit me up and get ahold of me if you want to meet and share stories about Paco or hell just meet up. I’ll be there to to celebrate Paco’s life and remember the good times had in Costa Rica.


PS – If enough show up maybe we can convene a honored meeting of the Costa Rica Sucks club.

PPS – I realize that this is April Fools Day. No its not a joke. I really am going.