I have been meaning to write about this one for some time, well, since it broke but other things have distracted me. It’s basically the massage parlor scandal that all the rich guys got caught up in.

It’s Bullshit

First off, let me just say the human trafficking angle is complete and utter bullshit. Whenever sex for cash is involved everyone loves to throw out human trafficking because it sells better than some shlub got caught paying for a BJ.

No one really gives a shit about a guy paying for a BJ. Instead, you say poor women from some economically deprived country (or China) are being forced into this horrific lifestyle it sounds way better. Then you get everyone up in arms and screaming for blood.

There is always a lot more to the story and I can guarantee you that human trafficking ain’t it.

Let’s Be Real

In my early monger life, I was a frequent visitor to massage parlors. Hell, I got to know the staff at several and had my little favorites like everyone else. Not a one said they were trafficked. Nope, they made a decision to get the fuck out of this shit show that was their life back home and give it a go in the US.

They were all well aware of what they were doing and knew it going in. No one was forced into it, yes, they had to pay their fee via working but they kept money out of the deal. It wasn’t like they were kept in cages waiting to service the next idiot that walked in the door.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Most of us who engage in mongering know that the girls we deal with are there to make money for one reason or another. The amount that are trafficked is 5% and to be honest, it’s in mostly local joints, not the places we hang out in.

So to throw the human trafficking into is just crap.

The Problem With America

To be honest, most countries don’t give a flying fuck about prostitution. It’s a reality and people deal with it. Instead, law enforcement uses it as low hanging fruit and it shows they are doing something to “clean up” America. The governments only give a shit about it because it’s a cash business so they don’t get their cut of the money.

It’s hypocritical of any American to call sex workers as victims as human trafficking. It’s not true. More so, as I indicated, it’s easy arrest for police, an embarrassment for those arrested, and a crime to not pay taxes on the money.

No one, on a daily bases gives a flying fuck about what happens in a massage parlor or anywhere else. Trust me, these places are all over America and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on. Hell, go look at Craigslist and you can figure out what is going on in these places.

Hence, it’s such hypocrisy that this has even gone this far and made such media headlines.

The Non-Scandal

This really is no scandal at the end of the day other than the fact that this made national attention and law enforcement dollars where spent on the investigation. Fucking waste of time in the end and I can guarantee you that every one of those rich dudes will walk away with nothing or at most a tiny slap on the wrist.

America needs to take their collective heads out of the Tiny Baby Jesus ass and stop pretending to be wholesome. Make prostitution legal, stop demonizing sex workers and customers. Provide protection for the workers, and in the end, collect their tax dollars and make everything safer for everyone involved.

With that rant over, if you need me I’m going to get a massage. Which btw, is illegal here in Thailand if I leave very happy but yet, is still tolerated. Tiny Baby Jesus bless the developing world.