Ever had a moment when you are mongering when everything turns to shit? I will tell you another tale from Tijuana after my MILF encounter. Where I was making a bad night good. I wrote that when I left the MILF there was a kiss on the cheek and I walked off to another bar. I’ll continue the tale where that left off.

After The MILF

Feeling slightly sorry for myself I just went La Gloria bar and ordered a caguama. While I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the MILF games I did want to fuck her so I was slightly bummed.

Drinking my caguama I thought I can sit here and get drunk and then passed out gracefully.

Looking at the other drunks passed out in the bar and the fat women dancing with the Mexican guys I had a thought. Fuck this!

There are midgets out there! No need to feel sorry no matter how tired I was and slightly annoyed.

Playboy Lifestyle

I walked out the super secret other door in La Gloria and right into Playboy bar. They are next door to each other so it wasn’t like I had far to go.

Ponied up to the bar and ordered my 2 for 1 beers by the friendly bartender. My maesero buddy wanted to know if I wanted to fuck the midget again and I said no. Just here to watch the show. Maybe pull something else.

The persistent waiter still managed to wrangle the midget and bring her over. It was clear that the romance was over so I punted her quickly and just focused on watching the shit show going on around.

Let The Games Begin

It was at this point that a group of guys comes in and starts the mobile party. Drinks are flowing and hookers are draping themselves all over them. They smelt money and the willingness to spend it.

Girls were lap dancing the guys. Tits were being brought out and cocks being jerked. The highlight was a girl got on a guys shoulder and he started to eat her out in the bar. Reminded me of Thailand.

Like all things the party wound down but the damage was done. There were drunks women as left overs.

One staggered over to me and asked me for a drink and started to rub my dick. I was like fine by me. Once the drink was secured the games began in earnest.

She reached into my shorts and pulled out my dick and started to jerk me at the bar. She then spun around and started to rub me between her ass cheeks. I was like stop teasing or I put it in.

No worries there. Quickly pulled her panties aside and shoved my dick into her pussy.

We fucked for about a minute when some waiter waved her over and she off my dick and gone. Worth the price of the beer in my book.

Cross Eyed Mary

Stuck with a hard dick I needed to take care of business. My choices were the Playboy bar or start going through the other bars and find a partner. None of those options really appealed.

There was another option on the table. Cross eyed Mary!

Cross eyed Mary is a street girl that I fucked a few trips ago. She had gotten a promotion to next to the taco cart just up the wall from the entrance to Playboy.

I have gotten a bbbj from her before but I had to throw money at the problem. Not being in the mood to negotiate endlessly I slid up to her in my retard Spanish and started negotiations.

Seeing how I am a monger of course I threw out bbbj just to see if the stars were going to align. Of course that didn’t happen.

Fucking cross eyed Mary isn’t great. She has an amazing body but she’s a shit lay and I just wanted to bust a nut. So in my mildly drunk state I was like hand job no condom!


For You Special

Cross eyed Mary may have gotten a promotion to the wall next to the taco cart but still used the same shitty hotel.

I quickly paid the 60 Pesos for our love nest. We went into the room and she quickly stripped and so did I.

Considering my history of fucking in sketchy places I had no problem laying down on the bed. She joined me after pulling out some lube from her purse. No bbbj but a hand job no problem!

Playing with her tits since my bare hand was not to touch her money maker. Cross eyed Mary jerking me off and my playing with her tiny little tits I got my nut and spewed on my stomach. Being the health conscious individual she was the minute my spooge was leaving my dick that hand was gone.

Laying there in the afterglow of our romantic encounter. She offered me a special just for me. For the princely sum of 5000 Pesos she would stay the night.

Laughing hysterically I cleaned up my spooge and got dressed. She stayed behind to get dressed and likely use hazmat chemicals to clean her hand.

Making A Bad Night Great

Sure my night could have been different. Sure the handjob finish wasn’t the greatest but I got a story out of it. It was the icing on the monger cake for a shit night.

Could I have just said fuck it and went to bed pissed off. Then again some whore would have gotten the best out me. Instead I went and got fucked at a bar and a hand job from a cross eyed street girl for 200 Pesos.

Only you stops you from having a great time.