No monger pic of the day today as it’s one of the holiest holiday’s on the Buddhist calendar here in Thailand. While the server is in the US, I am based in Thailand and it’s not that hard to figure out where things originate from. While Thailand and America may not be the warmest of allies at the moment, they are not in full on hate mode so if they wanted the info and considering the content I write, odds are US would turn it over regardless of the number of layers I put between me and my real identity.

What Is Makha Bucha Day

This holy day commemorates the miraculous event when 1,250 disciples of the Buddha, Gautama Sakayamuni (Buddha’s real name), traveled to meet with the Buddha with no prearranged agreement, at Weluwan Mahawiharn Temple in the area of Rachakhryha, India.

For those of you that are shocked, yes, Buddha was actually Indian by birth. The fat Chinese guy everyone associates with Buddha is actually a monk named Budai so you can see how that can be a bit confusing to those that have been raised on on the Jewish, Christian or Muslim beliefs. Indians know that the Buddha is Indian. They take pride in it even if they are Hindu.

There is your Buddhist history lesson for the day.

What’s It Mean In Thailand

For those that come on holiday they dread Buddha days. Bars are closed and no alcohol is served. This starts at Midnight and ends at Midnight. Later opening bars push it to about a 10 PM opening and go till 3 or 4 AM but they will not be fully staffed as Thais generally just take the full day unless they need the money.

Most shops, restaurants, and other places are open. If you are totally desperate for a beer and didn’t stock up it can be found but I’m not really going to disclose those places. Lets just say if you see some people sitting around a bar drinking out of coffee mugs they are enjoying a strange blend of coffee. Smaller back Soi’s are more blatant and again, I can tell you but not bothering.

If you need a girl, well, everyone enjoys a traditional Thai massage right? Just the bars themselves won’t be open unless as I indicated, the later opening ones such as gogos and then don’t expect a full lineup. Even then some stay closed and take their staff out to meals as a thank you for working there.

For Those Of Us That Live Here

Most of us living here are just like it’s a quiet peaceful day to get stuff done. Enjoy some time downtime, maybe even have a meal with friends and just relax and enjoy the day. It’s a rare public holiday.

Me? I’m loaded full of codeine (clearing up a nasty chest infection the required me to actually go to the doctor) after my second visit to the doctor for a shot in the ass with some drug cocktail (mock all you want on that). So once this is finished being written I am going to pass out for a bit. Then it’s laundry and cleaning and depending on how I feel maybe do some photography and otherwise just chill the hell out without coughing up my lungs.

So I am enjoying my Makha Bucha Day!