For those of that live in Pattaya, there is nothing more exciting than when the low season finally arrives.

Why We Like Low Season

If you live here you come to despise high season the level of stupid that comes with it. Traffic sucks, prices go up, assholes are in abundance.

When low season hits it’s quieter, the assholes go up, traffic is bearable, and prices drop to realistic. You don’t really appreciate the difference until you live with it and then you just want them gone.

It’s great to see a few people about that come in for a holiday. Trying to just do the daily shit that is life gets annoying when it takes you 30 minutes to just to go down the road because traffic sucks.

So you can see why the low season has its appeal.

There Is A Downside

The one thing about low season that most people don’t see because they aren’t here is it’s also called the rainy season. Since Sunday here in beautiful Thailand it has been pissing down with storms coming in. As I write this the rain has stopped but I fully expect it to start again.

This puts a damper on some things (pun intended) because most people have only motorbikes as a form of transportation. So if you do need to go somewhere you resign yourself to wearing rain gear, putting your phone and wallet in a plastic bag under your seat and hope for that nothing more than a drizzle hits.

Until you have ridden a bike in the rain at a decent speed you don’t appreciate how wet and cold you can get and how much rain does hurt smashing into your body.

Give Me Rain Over People

In the end give me the rain over people. Least you aren’t surrounded by the clueless and if you do sneak out it’s a better experience.

As I said, prices drop to reasonable, bars aren’t as crowded, and it’s mostly locals or seasoned vets who know what they are getting to when they visit Thailand this time of year.