The title of this post comes from a song by 3 Doors Down but I think it fits the theme – love me when I am gone.

What I See And You Don’t

Living in Thailand has given me a unique view on what goes on when you guys go home and your “girlfriend” who you support and love to death does when you aren’t around.

Now, to be fair, I understand what is happening, these girls live in the moment, and trust me, they aren’t all working girls. The owner of the corner shop who lives in my building is equally doing the same thing and she isn’t a bargirl, she’s just playing the game as it was meant to be played.

If you haven’t picked up on what I am talking about, it’s called your girlfriend is generating multiple income streams by having multiple boyfriends. Funny thing is, she loves each and everyone of you while you are here. She will dutifully cry when you leave, send you love notes via various online communications. Whatever it takes to keep you attached to her.


Maybe she will hit the lottery and you will marry her. What she really wants is to keep the revenue flowing and stay in Thailand and take care of her family.

Example One

First, the corner shop owner. She makes decent money owning the shop and has a couple of staff so she doesn’t have to work. I have counted no less than 3 boyfriends. She has told me about them knowing I don’t really give a shit one way or the other and have kept my mouth shut when she has shown me them. The most recent is a a good looking guy in his early 30’s and is spending his holiday sitting in her shop working the counter.

I know she is getting paid for her time, they are “helping her out” with the shop and I have noticed that when one goes home the inventory in the shop goes up a wee bit and more expensive items become available.

Do I blame her? Hell no! She’s using what she has to make a better life for her kids and if guys are too blind to see the reality of the situation or even to figure it out that’s their problem not mine. I give her kudos for juggling it so well. Hell, I would eventually fuck it up.

Example Two

Example two is a working girl. I have actually banged her and I could have had it for free but I went, nah, lets keep this professional because I know the shit you get into. This girl is a charmer and is good at it. She has the audacity to ask me to take her to Cambodia after she just spent 5 weeks with a guy who I liked and knowing that she had another one coming in soon enough to replace him.

This girl works in a bar not because she needs the money at this point, she works in the bar because its an easy place to find new targets. Funny thing is, guys line up to get to her and she ends up milking them.

As of this moment she has 2 sponsors that I know of, multiple Facebook accounts and she juggles them nicely. Seen her do the messaging and juggling required to keep the money flowing.

At one point she had another guy pay for a nose job and give her money to help her recover since she could not work during this time off. You can’t give a BJ when you get a new nose. I know this because oh yeah, I was the first to bang her after the surgery and she about raped me because she was so horny.

Is It Real Or Fake

You need to realize that during that moment in time, it’s real. It’s as real as they are going to ever let you get to their true selves. You get their undivided attention and all the sex and love, and those love hormones slamming your brain that says mine. So yes, she’s yours!

The minute you leave? Different story.

The reality in Thailand is that money isn’t easily gotten and these girls have a limited shelf life. So they are going to maximize profits as much as possible. I don’t fault them nor do I get involved. I have known guys personally that were part of the money train for these girls and said nothing.

They love you when you are here. Think about you when the money comes in. Appreciate that it gives them a better life.

When You Are Gone

Realize now that when you are gone odds are you aren’t the only one paying. If you think so, good for you. I won’t burst your balloon out of complete spite.

Frankly, most guys need to wake up to this reality and stop getting all hurt their love is doing other guys on the side. You meet a hooker or a girl fishing for a guy online. What the hell do you think is going to happen? You are thousands of miles away and not there. She isn’t going to put all her eggs in one basket.

So take your love when you are here, send her the money fi it makes you happy. Just be man enough to accept the facts that she’s going to keep doing what she is doing. It’s part of the deal when you get involved.