Some of you may noticed I didn’t post yesterday. I literally met up with some friends and went to lunch and then spiraled out of control.

Why No Monger Pic

To be completely honest I can do the post from my phone and that includes drawing the black squares around the girls. The issue was I was in state to even know my name by that point so I just went not going to happen. I am in no condition to do anything. So I just went, fuck this I guess I am skipping it for the day.

Which is why you are getting a post now versus yesterday. It effectively is a lost day for me.

My New Girlfriend

I am actually accidently developing a relationship with a cashier at the bar I pretty much spent all my time in. It’s a 24/7 place and I you can guess by my lack of writing yesterday and me getting in just slightly before 10 AM today that things are a bit strange.

I really do like her, she has similar awful habits as me, but the best is she sleeps underneath the bar. I’m like what? There are rooms upstairs go sleep there. She’s like, nah, I like under the bar better. Um… Ok?

It kinda did my head in while I was hitting on other chicks while the one I was interested in was asleep, as in full on, out cold asleep under the bar. Then I remembered I am in Thailand and went fuck it.

When she woke up to start her shift I was like, oh hi! I didn’t anything that stupid. She was like no, it’s cool. I just prefer to sleep under the bar. This may make nights at her place a bit awkward as I am sure as fuck not sleeping under a bar.

So Apologies For The Lost Day

The lost day is what it is. It wasn’t me going I can’t think of anything to write about. It just was me being in a position really not to do much of all. It was what it was. Least I didn’t have  John Lennon Lost Weekend which was actually a full year.

So my apologies for the lost day and Monday should get me back on track. If the girlfriend thing works out I’ll keep you posted. If not, I am heading off to bed so I can sleep and not be half dead tonight.