Living here in Pattaya has given me some insight on something I never noticed much before. The look on a Thai girls face when she’s with a customer.

Never With The Customer

First thing you notice when you start paying attention to the look on her face is that she is never with her barfine. The girl will walk either directly behind or in front of her barfine. This way there is the illusion of of disassociation, that she is clearly not with the customer. I think this is more of a mental thing because most experience mongers can tell when a girl has been barfined or not.

However, what this tactic does is not allow the customer to see the look on her face. Most walk with a blank, neutral expression. Neither smiling or unhappy. Just a determination to get the job over and done with. A resignation if you will.

Body Language Is Key

If you think I am reading way too much into this, trust me, been doing it longer than most people and I am in a unique position to witness more than most. Body language is a dead giveaway to how a girl thinks about you.

Girls that either known their barfine or are genuinely interested are next to them, either holding hands or engaging in conversation or doing things most couple or people who or comfortable around either other do. Pay attention once and you will see this.

I can spot a girl that is generally interested in the guy she is with because she will be next to him. Not trying to distance herself. Her face will show emotion, not just a blank, neutral look or resignation.

This is the same with short time girls as well. If her body language doesn’t match the words she’s say, skip it because she’s just going through the motions.

What Do You Expect

This leads me to do ask what do guys expect from these girls? Just because you are paying them cash doesn’t mean you have a girlfriend. You got a rental and I don’t care if it’s short time or long time. She’s doing a job and nothing more or less. She will wear a smiling happy face when you can see it and say all the right words and do all the right things because she’s learned thats what a guy wants. When you are looking the face reads far different. Why should she have to fake it when you can’t see it? Fuck knows I never did when I was working.

Too many mongers have this expectation that their money should buy love and affection. It doesn’t. What it buys you is time with a girl that would otherwise ignore the living shit out of you if you didn’t have the money in your pocket.

Mongering is all about selling an illusion. She’s selling that you are interesting and sexually desirable and you are selling yourself as something more than just some guy on a holiday who can’t get laid at home.

Do Yourself A Favor

The favor I am asking of you is remember this article. Remember that blank face that I see that you don’t because she’s in front or behind you. You are mongering to have your fun and do your thing and bang desirable girls. Not to fall in love and think the bullshit they are telling you is anything other than that – bullshit. The minute you start to believe it, think about that blank face. It’s what is really going on in her mind.