Want to talk about a Pattaya phenomenon that I just haven’t really seen anywhere else. For some reasons guys and yes, even women come here and think they have a license to be an asshole. It’s their holiday and they can do what they want!

You Are A Guest

Let’s clarify something really quickly. You are a guest in the Kingdom of Thailand. That includes me who is a long term guest. I understand this and while at times I get frustrated with bureaucracy of being pulled over by the police for the 50th time to check my drivers license, I also know what the deal is so live with it.

Just because you are here on holiday spending money does not mean you are given a license to be an asshole.

It’s a holiday for fucksakes. Yes, you clearly have more money than the average Thai but those are hard working Thais who are providing you a service. I don’t care if its sexual or not. Treat them with the respect they deserve instead of lording over them or patronizing the living fuck out of them.

Sorry They All Don’t Speak English

The biggest issue I see almost daily is those that lose their shit on dealing with a non-native English speaker or one that has limited to no English. You are in a foreign country for fucksakes. What do you expect?

The stereotype of yelling louder isn’t true at all. What I see is people growing more angry and more frustrated until they finally lose their shit and have a tantrum worthy of a 2 year old who just got their favorite toy taken away.

You are traveling. It’s part of the package when you go some place where English isn’t the first language. I don’t care if you are in a tourist town or not. English is at best a secondary language. Try busting out some Thai once and tell me how easy it is.

Go With The Flow

One of the things I have learned while living here is just going with the flow. This doesn’t mean I’ll gladly get fucked on some petty scam, I generally back them off quickly with a few words in Thai.

If you hit the wall, don’t sit there and lost your shit and start acting like an asshole. Smile and laugh. It goes further than anything you could possibly ever think. When my Thai gets stretched to the limits and the English on the other side gets stretched to theirs its time to smile and laugh and just start using some body language. They appreciate it that you are trying and respect the fact they are too.

I generally get better service and a smile and all is happy. If something is slightly wrong I don’t go into rage mode, I just go oh well, chalk it up to an experience and move on with it. Learn from it so it doesn’t happen again. There is no fault and no blame.

So Stop Being An Asshole

Come on holiday. You are here to forget your troubles back home and relax. You don’t need to come and lord it over anyone or being an angry fuck who is out to rage on the word. Just chill and enjoy your time away from the real world and come to one that is almost alien to some.

Be an asshole at work or home. At Least they understand you there and can tell you to properly fuckoff.

For the rest of us, when you do act like an asshole you just ruin our moods while you have you “moment”. Remember, we live here so your asshole behavior just ruins it for the rest of us!