When this post goes live I will likely still be asleep in Tijuana. Later that day I will have to cross the border and leave the alternate reality that is the Zona Norte.

Tales To Tell

Starting on Wednesday I’ll go into some of the highlights of my two weekends in Tijuana. There are midgets and giants. Women playing power games. Fucking at the bar. Handjobs from cross-eyed prostitutes.

All the tales are true so it will be worth the wait.

Gotta Love Tijuana

I don’t even think Pattaya can match the level of batshit crazy that goes on in Zona Norte. It’s really an alternate reality where everything and anything goes.

Regardless of what you hear about how unsafe Tijuana is they are more myth than reality. Similar to the donkey show.

Tijuana and the Zona Norte are no worse than any major city. Sure the Zona Norte is a bit more rough but what do you expect from a small area full of hookers, mongers, and all sorts of human detritus.

Stay Tuned

Once I get back and settled in Monger Travels HQ I’ll get started as promised.┬áSo stay tuned for my adventures in Tijuana.