My time in America is winding down. It’s my last full day here and considering I don’t land in Thailand till Wednesday I’m getting shit done.

Plans For The Week

For inquiring minds all this week will be preloaded. You also won’t get a load of interaction from me because my ass will be traveling for 28 glorious hours. Then I have a 90 minute to 2 hour taxi ride back to Pattaya. While I land Wednesday evening in BKK on the 6th I won’t hit Pattaya till 1:30 or 2am on the 7th.

Sadly I have things to do on the 7th meaning my plan to sleep all day is being thrown out the window. So I’ll likely do what I need to do and meet up with a friend and catch up. Doubt I’ll do much of anything in the mongering department. I’ll ease back in which will be explained.

Ban Chang

To get me well adjusted back into Thailand I’m heading to Ban Chang on the 9th but returning to Pattaya that evening. A big fuck yeah!

In fact, I have back-to-back weekends in Ban Chang. The following weekend I’m doing an overnighter. This means all my plans for the 8th are now shit since I have to be up and moving to catch a bus to Ban Chang at Noon on the 9th. Meaning, I have to be a good boy on the 8th.

If I don’t break the seal on the 7th for a BJ I’ll be sure to break the seal in some Thai girls mouth in Ban Chang. You just can’t go wrong with that place.

See You On The Other Side

For those of you that are coming over just hit me up. I am around. Just don’t expect me to go every night with you. Buddha knows I don’t have the tolerance and I get cranky after a bit dealing with the same shit.

No offense but I see it all the time. It’s your holiday and you are there to drink and fuck. Enjoy it! You don’t need me hanging around being bored and cranky.

So Ends The Last Full Day

That’s if for me! My last full day has come to an end. To be fair I am writing this Sunday morning.

I return to the Land of Smiles loaded up with shit I really don’t need but bought anyways. I came with one bag and return to 2 so I got that going for. It was nice to visit but I rather go back to a dysfunctional developing nation than stay here in a dysfunctional world power.

Shopping is better here but for the rest you all can keep it.