One of the common slang terms for Thailand is L.O.S, Land of Smiles. In this case I think it means Land of Sick. Based on my Saturday’s post making up for Friday you can guess why.

Feeling Better

I am feeling better. It’s amazing what you can get in a pharmacy over here that takes a visit to a doctor in most Western countries. I pointed to my chest and conveniently started to cough when I went to the pharmacy and she was like know what you need. She then was like I think you have an infection and not a cold. Went ok, but think it’s a cold. Gave me an antibiotic.

Seeing how I had no energy I still managed to trudge to the giver of life; 7-11 that was 5 meters away and stock up on supplies and then promptly got in my bike and rode back home.

No Sleep Till

One of my problems was I had no sleep from the night before. Between coughing and taking enough pseudoephedrine to keep nasal passages open I didn’t sleep the night before at all. I had enough pharmaceuticals in me to knock out a charging elephant and nothing, I could not sleep. So after my pharmaceutical run, 7-11 I was shattered.

I promptly ate the food I was told to eat and rehydrated myself and then face planted into bed. I was starting to hallucinate weird shapes and shit because of the blackout curtains in my room. I knew rationally I was fucked at this point. Closed my eyes and just fell into the world of the dead.

I woke up to a string of messages asking if I was alive to which I applied affirmative. Got something to eat. Vaguely recall watching TV and then going to sleep.

I woke up 12 hours later to do some minor photo edits and already exhausted again.

Hopefully Tomorrow

I am hoping by tomorrow I shall be recovered from whatever the hell has taken me in my new land; the Land of Sick. I hate being that way and I am hoping with just enough rest I’ll be back in the saddle again and ready to start getting back to something other than crawling from bed to piss, get something to drink, then pass out again.