Hello my American and Canadian brethren today is Labor Day and with that I’m not going to do much because I labored enough on Friday.

Where Was I Friday

I would love to tell you another amazing drinking story but the reality is far different. Instead I was in motorbike hell. I have keys and access to a friends bike and needed to get it to another guy who was borrowing it.

We agreed on a time and a place for pickup since the bike was on the Darkside. When I get there both tires are flat and the batter is dead and we could not even get it kick started. So with an electric air pump we got the tires up. Another Thai got the bike rolling by the guy who was getting the bike holding on to his bike and the battery shop was up the way. On a Honda Click the battery is above the front tire and you need to pull apart the front to get to it. Battery was replaced 700 Baht later.

When I go through with this I was like fuck it, I am going home because it was far later than anyone expected and I was in no mood to write.

Insomnia Blows

During this I also had a major bout of insomnia. Don’t ask me why or how but my insomnia decided to rage for a good 2 days which is abnormal. I haven’t been out doing anything beyond the bike shit and my normal stuff. No drinking, no nothing. Not like you want to go drinking while you have zero sleep. Personally I turn into a raging asshole beyond my normal asshole self. It’s not fun.

I spent the last 2 days basically reading and avoiding anything to get my fucking head to shut off. Not like I am stressed or worried about world peace. It just happens and when it does you deal with it as best as you can. In my case it’s reading. I have killed 5 books in the span of 2 days and these aren’t small reads either.

I finally went to sleep last night around Midnight and woke up at 12:30 this afternoon. Think I was tired by that point and when I took my insomnia medicine it hit like a freight train and out I went.

I am now looking forward to some good TV time. See the joys of being retired? I read 5 books and now I can fuckoff and watch quality TV.

Labor Day

Interestingly enough about living in Thailand they tend not to have Labor Day type holidays. Most of the holidays given are usually for religious reasons or a royal’s birthday or something similar. Unless there is an alcohol ban and the bars are closed you tend not to notice holidays when you live here.

When I ran the bar I loved any holiday that prevented alcohol sales. It meant a day off and I didn’t have to go out drinking. So one looked forward to it.

Living in America you looked forward to a holiday on a Monday because it meant you got an extra day of drinking and you got the extra day to recover and rest. Then only a 4 day work week. Can’t go wrong with that.

Now that I am “retired” and pretty much everyday is the same around here you don’t really give a shit. Like I said, most of us don’t even notice unless there the alcohol ban. Even then, for those of us that don’t live and die by drinking, most of it use it as an excuse to fuck off and do nothing. Just avoid the shit out of the malls because they are a total cluster fuck. Think after Christmas sale or Black Friday or whatever and you got what goes on at mall on a public holiday, it just happens more here.

Enjoy The Day

To my American and Canadian brethren, enjoy your day! Go out and do what you want! Just don’t do labor, it’s a holiday for fucksakes. Look forward to your 4 day work week and if you don’t work, hey I can relate!

So happy Labor Day and if it’s not in your country, look forward to your next public holiday!