I have not officially worked since June 3, of 2017. It was the last day I had a real job that came with responsibilities. I find myself, now picking and choosing what jobs I do or don’t do, more so that I’m keeping busy instead of just wandering around aimlessly.

It’s My Choice

Let me clarify something, its no secret I was involved in computer work before I moved to Thailand. I’m a trained network engineer/server guru by training. Reality was I was senior management at the end and my job was to herd cats and keep the few people with bigger titles than mine happy. I only did tech work to avoid doing some unpleasant management bullshit.

Working in a smaller organization meant I learned to pick up a lot of skills that I would have missed out on. Being a big fish in a small pond had its benefits so if remotely had to do with technical work it became an IT issue. So I learned a lot of AV shit along that way. Plus, my Dad being a blue collar guy and basically a handyman Mama Spanky would send my ass out of jobs with him to get me out of the house and learn shit that shockingly proved to be useful later in life.

Couple that with the photography skill set I have learned and now including graphic design work I have a lot of choices on what I can do and what I can’t do. So I pick and choose what I am and am not going to do at any given time. If a job comes my way I go yes or no. It was one of my goals when I moved here that I was like, I no longer want to work at something tradional where I have set hours and expectations.

One of the reasons bar management and me were not well suited, I was a big fish and I got used to the privilege that came with my title where I could basically come and go as I pleased. One of the reasons I hung around as long as I did. This meant, my hours were whatever I wanted them to be. Bar management generally doesn’t have that luxury unless you own the place and then, you need to pay attention because oh yeah, you own the place.

Why Work At All

Some of you may be wondering, do I need to work? The answer is no financially. For my mental well being? The answer is yes for my sanity. I discovered quickly that floating around aimlessly you just find yourself doing the same shit day after day which means going bar hopping, getting smashed and ending up with some girl in your bed. Not much different than the usual holiday. Except you aren’t on holiday, you are living here and it’s like why the hell am I doing this.

I don’t get hangover’s thankfully but it takes it toll on your body and sanity and there just comes a point where you go, this isn’t going to work. Trust me, you can only stick your weenie into some holes before it becomes irrelevant and you can only wake up in your room going how did I get here so many times before you go, wow this sucks.

So I started to do more things that came my way because people realized I could do them and and not half ass stuff. I got the reputation as a guy that would take care of a problem if there was one or if you needed something done I could likely handle it or find someone who could. It gave me something to do other than hang out in bars and drink and make dubious choices on bar girls because you are pissed out of you mind.

I don’t do stuff every day of the week, nor do I go out every day of the week. I do what I do when I want to and the rest of the time I do my own thing and am happily chilled out.

You Need Structure

The reality is that humans need structure and order in their lives. Seen too many expats go down the lane of structure and order is go to the bar, get pissed, either stagger back home and pass out or bang something then stagger back home and pass out. They have nothing keeping them busy otherwise.

I don’t mind doing stuff, I have found that I enjoy it. There is a whole other level of challenge in another country trying to buy certain things you need and a language barrier to overcome when you don’t know the words for certain things. It can make a mundane task an interesting one at times.

It’s why I have liked keeping busy. There is a different pace of life here. You learn to adapt to it. My period of wow, I live in Thailand is over. It’s now, wow I like living in Thailand, enjoy the ride for what it’s worth, not just because of easy pussy and beer.

Been Busy

I have been insanely busy with a few jobs lately that have ranged from photography, graphic design, procuring speakers, and a list of other items. One of the reasons I am looking forward to my little holiday in Cambodia. I need a bit of a rest.

If I told you I spent my day watching speakers getting installed and have been up and going since 10 AM with only a few hours of sleep due to the fact I just could not sleep last night. Still, I rather do that then go into an office and grind out a day and pretend I give a shit.

I think I have earned myself a little nap. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day! Got a trip to Ban Chang and need to rest up.