I have a confession to make. I have been getting laid for free a lot. They enter my lair known as the bar I manage and the next thing I know they are in my room banging me. What I don’t like is the drama bullshit that free brings. Recently had a huge dose of it from a new one that is now quickly out of rotation.

Drama Free

I like a drama free lifestyle. It’s rather pleasant. Not really interested in theatrics and bullshit from a girl. Did my phase about a decade ago and thought it was fun. Now I much rather just go here is the deal, we fuck. We can hang out, do some stuff together. Just don’t fucking think I am going to invest much more into a relationship than I am.

Being blunt and upfront has been the strategy that has worked well for me. It has led to a relatively drama free lifestyle. It also negates any arguments down the road. When they start shit I just say told you upfront what you were getting don’t like it move on.

New Girl

So I had a new girl enter the rotations of regulars. She’s a gogo dancer as a Walking St gogo. She pursued me via a mutual friend. I was like yeah, you are hot but not really going to pay gogo rates so I wrote her off.

Knowing where I am she could stalk me easily and when customers want to bar hop its on the trail so I ended up seeing her fairly often and she made it very clear she wanted some Spanky loving.

Finally wandered into her gogo with some customers one night near close and she was like I’m going with you. I was like, um, ok I guess I’m up for this. Just to be clear, not paying you shit, that includes your bar and you in the morning. You wanted it, I didn’t. I’m content to try and get some sleep with my shit schedule.

No problem. Want you. So back to my bar till close then back to room and did what 2 consenting adults do in a room.

Next Day

All is well in the world, part happily and messaged her a few times. Things looking up. So I figured hey, why not a repeat performance and messaged her when I thought her shift was finishing. Shit hit the fan. I got fucking raged on by her and I’m like what the hell is your issue in life? I just worked a party, I’m tired, you are off, want to come and hang out for a bit then go back to my place or yours and just chill out for bit.

I got you go with other ladies! You are shit. Why you want to go with me, I am going with friends. You are too much butterfly man. In effect I was a piece of shit. Lower than dirt and not worth her time.

I went fuck this, and went to bed. Don’t need the drama.

Sorry Darling

Next day I get a message saying I’m sorry. I was drunk last night. Think too much. Still want to see you and blah blah. I went ok, thats great but you pissed me off. If you are drunk just say so and move the fuck on because I don’t really like drunk women. I really don’t like angry drunk women.

Sorry. Not do again! I like you too much. Want to be with you. I come see you tonight.

Explained a few more realities on stuff I had to do today and she was like ok, will message you later tonight and if cannot see no problem.

Later That Night

Where are you? I told you I was leaving the bar early because I had stuff to do today. It was my day off! Um, you neglected to tell me this but ok. I think you have lady in you room.

Ok darling, let me clarify something. You are drunk AGAIN! I don’t have a lady in my room. You are a jealous psycho bitch and I’m pretty much done with your drama. If this shit works on other guys they are suckers. I don’t tolerate drama. I’m too fucking old and too fucking tired half the time. You are now off the rotation list and don’t bother contacting me anytime soon because oh yeah, you just got blocked.

I’m sure she will show up at the bar tonight with a sorry and offer to buy me a beer.

Don’t Tolerate Drama

I see too many guys come over here and get shit on by these tiny little Thai beauties because they are the sexiest things they have fucked in about forever. Me? I live here and even before, mongering since I was 18 I know how these dumb bitches think. They have the pussy and make the rules and dominating a man into doing what they want gives them sense of power.

Personally? It’s pussy nothing to get excited about. I can send a message and have a girl in my room in a few minutes. I don’t need this shit in my life. Yes, I don’t pay them because they offer it up free. Just because you live in a mongering destination means you have to pay every girl you meet to fuck. Shockingly there are lots of freebies out there if you have a personality and are fun.

What I won’t do is tolerate drama from some girl who thinks I’m stupid. If you got a girl pulling power trips and throwing snits to get her way tell her to fuck off and die. It’s a game, one you can win just don’t tolerate drama.

If you are a monger, regardless of destination you are there to have fun and fuck. Not putup with someone elses drama bullshit.