I think one of the hardest things guys ever have to deal with in mongering is learning to just say no. It’s not complicated or hard, but no doesn’t seem to be in most monger vocabularly

She’s So Beautiful

Whenever you deal with a monger that falls for “his girl” and she is so beautiful and sweet. I just can’t say no to her even when I know it’s wrong. I don’t comprehend this at all.

Guys in mongering seem to lose their shit when they see a beautiful girl that lets them put their weenie into her. Like it’s something magical. Like that vagina is different than any other vagina? Last I checked, short of man made vaginas they are all the same. The only difference is the body it’s attached to.

I don’t care if she has a hump back and crossed eyes or is a fucking super model. If she is milking your ass dry and you are too spineless to say no that’s on you.

It’s Always About The Money

Let me be really clear about something for the millionth time. It’s always about the money and never forget it. Anything she can get out of you beyond that is just bonus. That’s where saying no comes in.

Look, if you want to buy endless fucking lady drinks for her and her friends while she is working. Taking her shopping for expensive shit. Buying her that phone she always wanted. The answer is NO!

Once you go down the road where she figures out you are spineless and weak you are setting yourself up to just hemorrhage money. That beautiful creature is going to bleed you dry and use your emotions against you to get what she wants. Women are master manipulators and know how to extract what they want out of a man. I don’t care if she is a prostitute or a civilian.

So remember, you are already paying her. Why in the hell would you pay for more above and beyond? Her beauty means dick in the mongering world. You can always go find another one that looks just like her.

The Issue Is Western Mentality

The problem is most guys come from a western country where women are treated differently. For some reason, guys from the West have this issue with saying no to women. I think it’s the constant rejection and the way Western women handle sex or the lack thereof.

Men are so conditioned to not getting sex that when they finally get to a mongering destination they lose their mind. The first girl that shows any attention and is attractive is clearly the one for them. Even experienced mongers do this.

The reality is when you are mongering you are in control. Why? It’s your money. You can spend it how you want however I am going to tell you that pissing it away on a hooker by spending stupid amounts of money on her is not the way to go. You might as well hand me the money. Least I’ll get laid and drunk and not mock you behind your back. I’ll thank you by buying you a drink with your own money.

Mongering isn’t the West and it never will be. As I indicated, it’s about the money. It’s nothing but a business transaction unless you wish to turn it into more. So if you blow everything you got on some hooker there is no one to blame but you for being incapable of going no.

Just Say No

The funny thing is just say no was a phrase about anti-drug campaign by former first lady. Television ads and posters were all over going Just Say No. Too bad it failed horribly but a noble effort. Likely similar to what I am doing now for some of you. Until you learn to say no and do it consistently you are just going to repeat the process every time you do a monger trip.

No isn’t a hard word to learn in most languages. In fact, should be the first word you learn. If you can’t just say no to a hooker than maybe mongering is not for you.