One of the things I am now dealing with is apartment hunting as my lease is going to expire soon and I have to give notice. So I have been reading ads and visiting places.

Liberties With Descriptions

One of the things I am discovering quickly is that there are many liberties with the descriptions of these places. Like one I looked at said there was a stove. Yeah, what it should have said there was 2 electric hotplates for you to cook on, no ventilation system except opening the door.

My other favorite is how they describe something as a 1 bedroom, yeah; it’s a one bedroom because it’s a studio and I guess in their mind that qualifies as a bedroom. Who the hell knows?

It’s a bit frustrating trying to weed through ads and find something thats reasonable and yet fits what you need.

After Almost 1 Year

Thing I have discovered is that after almost 1 year I miss having a kitchen. You seriously have no idea what it means NOT to have one until you don’t. Sure, I don’t always cook but it would be nice to be able to make some pasta from time-to-time. Now I have to get on my bike and go to the Italian place up the road and sweat my balls off while they cook me up a plate of pasta.

The other thing is, a functional desk. I took it for granted when I moved into my current place that I could work off the desk provided. NOT! You need a real desk to work so I have adapted and used a table as a desk but it’s not the right height so I am like this sucks for long editing sessions.

So now I look for places with a kitchen and a desk. Oh, and a dining room table. I actually haven’t had one in years but when you are dealing with space, at times you just one that has the space for table so you can actually have a place to eat instead of trying to find room on your desk/table.

Penthouse Maybe

I am actually looking at a penthouse place today. It looks good in the photos, the price is right and the guy seems agreeable. while it doesn’t have everything I want it has all the major requirements. Which is really all I need. It’s basically see how it goes and work my way back from there. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a new Monger Travels HQ today.