This was supposed to be the post where I tell you all about my wild and crazy adventures in Ban Chang. Instead, I get to write about jet lag and how bad it sucks.

It Began On Thursday

It all began on Thursday morning when I got in at 2 AM as predicted. We landed 10 minutes late in BKK and had to wait for a gate. Then it just spiraled out of control from there as it took 45 minutes just to get luggage.

The taxi driver not being the most legit in Thailand but provides amazing service then has to detour around police checkpoints so she doesn’t get popped as an illegal driver and fined. Turns out she was a bit nervous because the previous week she got fined so I understood.

Once I was in the door then the joys of being so tired from all that meant that I didn’t sleep till 3 AM. There are joys to being so tired you can’t sleep.

Sleeping All Day Thursday

What triggered my jet lag worse than normal was being up for over 28 hours straight. I had enough drugs to sleep through anything that is, anything other than screaming fucking toddlers. My long leg out of Atlanta was 15 hours into Seoul. Two of the little fuckers screamed 13 hours for the entire flight. This wasn’t just crying. It was screaming and laughing at the top of their lungs. The parents didn’t do fuck about it. I poked my head up once and saw other people glaring death daggers at the little fuckers.

Once I got to Seoul it was enough time to get a soda for a much-needed caffeine boost and that was about it. I did catch a couple hours of sleep on the Seoul to Bangkok only to get fucked by the gate incident and luggage.

Finally going to sleep at 3 AM I woke up at 1:30 only to feed myself. Then it was pass out and sleep some more. It was great!

Friday Rolls Around

I got up on Friday and felt great! I went out and got my bike started which looked like shit for sitting for 6 weeks and then I went out and scrounged some food. Things went slightly downhill when I met up with a friend and we were hitting the gentlemen’s clubs in the Jomtien area. There are a lot more than you think down here and I was having a good time. Still, plans were to go on for Ban Chang.

We then headed into Pattaya as I had to work on a computer system in a bar to fix a problem and all was well. I got in around 2 AM which was plenty of time to get my ass to Ban Chang. One little problem, my body went fuck you.

I woke up at 10 AM and felt like shit. I had zero energy and it took everything I had to even move. Awake I just went fuck this and bailed on going to Ban Chang. I wisely spent the day just in bed sleeping to which I now am feeling normal after going to bed at 10 PM on Sunday night.

So Fuck Jet Lag

This honestly was the worst case of jet lag I think I have ever had. The combo of no sleep, going out too soon and not listening to my body was a recipe for disaster. To top it off I still haven’t gotten a blowjob. It’s hard to get motivated to do anything when your body is wanting to sleep constantly. I am hoping today being Monday I crack the seal on little Spanky and get things taken care of. Damn Thai women have been blowing up my phone since they know I am back.

So hopefully better things to report in the future.