This is a guest post from Pura Vida Transport. As he has indicated I have asked him repeatedly to write something up about Jaco. Since I am not a Costa Rica type of guy and he lives there he can be valuable for info on the ground.

Jaco is quickly becoming one of the premier places to head to in Costa Rica for adult fun. This has taken over San Jose and from my brief time in Costa Rica earlier this year everyone was saying head to Jaco. It’s also one of the most popular search terms for this site so hopefully you can find some info you were looking for.

As a disclaimer, yes Pura Vida Transport is a business. Since he wrote this nice piece for everyone I don’t mind that he included his business info in it. It takes time to write something and its a fair trade to me and there is a lot of valuable info in this piece.

I think Spanky has been asking me to write up Jaco, Costa Rica for a while but just back from almost two weeks there, I am sitting down to just do it. I’m not as funny as Spanky and since I’m married, this won’t be a Hustler Letters kind of article. I just wanted to give Spanky a day off from trying to find something to write about.

The key to Jaco is the quality of the girls and it has been outstanding…probably the best collection of talent I’ve seen in my 8 years living here. I’ve seen the pictures from Colombia and I would put the quality of the girls at Cocal Hotel right up against Medellin any day. Not to mention the variety…on any given night I saw Colombians, Nicaraguans, Costa Ricans and Dominican Republic top shelf girls. The scene in Jaco is also quite small with small numbers of guys in town to partake of the action as Jaco is dominated by normal tourism. The only reason a scene even developed here is the men coming to fish.

In the pursuit of chicas, there is only one option for the majority of the day in Jaco and that is on the grounds of the Cocal Hotel. Right on the beach and right in the center of town, it is a nice place to stay with beachfront, poolside and parking lot rooms, priced accordingly. The absolute best accommodations in Jaco are right on the property, the Vista del Mar Condos. These range from 3 to 5 bedrooms but rent out from 2 to 5 bedrooms. All are very large and very nice. They are also very reasonably priced, usually averaging $120 per person after maid and tips. These also gives you use of a private pool, hot tub and gym the hotel guests can’t access.

Lately, girls have been showing up earlier and earlier. This last few weeks, I noticed 10-20 around noon with ever increasing number until around 9-10pm when it peaks at perhaps 200. All the action is around the pool area and the smoking area near the beach.

Prices are a bit higher with the normal girls starting out at $100-$150. Very few actually expect to get $150 with 90% just looking for the ‘cien’. Many are pros but about 80% of the girls I saw pulled this last trip gave excellent service and were generous with time, especially when staying at the condos.

After Cocal starts shutting things down around 1am, most of the girls that haven’t been taken (or are working on guy 2-5) move on to two clubs. The most popular is a block up the side street from the Cocal in the large pink building and is called Le Loft. The second is called Orange Pub and is two blocks north of Cocal. Both can be a lot of fun if you like latin or dance music.

The usually warnings do apply and there are girls with problems around. Take normal precautions, listen to your ‘spider sense’ and do a good interview and you will be fine. The 20% of bad ones is usually pretty easy to weed out and finding a really good, really beautiful Latina makes it all worth it.

Now on to the ‘boring’ stuff. To get to Jaco, it will take an hour and 15 minutes minimum from the airport and an hour and 30 minutes minimum from downtown. I usually recommend adding 15 minutes to those minimums to get an average. You would want to leave for the airport 3.5 to 4 hours before your flight time.

To get from one to the other, I obviously recommend using my services, Pura Vida Transport. However, there are other options including Interbus, the normal bus service, taxis and other private transport services. One-way from the airport to Jaco by private transport or taxi should be about what I charge, $100 with downtown perhaps $120. Interbus is around $40-$50 one way while the local bus is about $5.

There are many hotels and condos in Jaco but not all cater to our hobby. Cocal is probably the best hotel as the rooms are nice and you can’t beat the convenience not only of the girls but to downtown. You would never need a taxi staying at Cocal. Other options are Croc’s Casino and Resort who have begun to allow girls, Morgan’s Cove, Hotel 9, Cancions del Mar, Copocabana, The Poseidon and the budget, one-hour place called Cadillac Rock.

Eating in Jaco is a pure pleasure. There are several really good restaurants that will satisfy the gourmet in you every time. Some places can even cook fish you catch and bring with you to your specifications. The restaurant at the Cocal is surprisingly good and your breakfast is included even for condo guests who book through Cocal. My favorite place in town is called Lemon Zest and is a block south of the Max X Menos a block south of Cocal. Right under Lemon Zest is my other favorite place, Amoncios which is an excellent Italian place. Rustica is great for local food at an inexpensive price. Right by Cocal is Los Amigos and right behind that (east) is the world famous Taco Bar.

Jaco is also a hot bed for other activities. There is world class deep sea fishing available with trophy marlin, sailfish, tuna, rooster-fish and more available. The marina is at Los Suenos, about 5 miles outside Jaco. Los Suenos is home to the more ‘upper class’ ex-pats and boasts an excellent golf course I just had the opportunity to play. You can also take ATV tours into the mountains, zip line through the rainforest, take a taxi boat to the counter-culture paradise of Montezuma and jump off the same waterfall as Tom Brady did. You might also take a one-hour drive south and visit the stunning Manuel Antonio National Park.

All in all, with everything there is to do in Jaco, the quality of the girls, the quality of the accommodations, the fine dining and the ease an English-only tourist can get by, I would say it is one great vacation destination. If I can ever be of service answering questions or providing service for anyone while they are in Costa Rica, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at Pura Vida!