It really is my birthday today, well it started promptly at Midnight last night. I am hurting and it’s only going to get worse.

Birthday Wishes From Hell

I got home sometime this morning. No idea what time it was but the sun was up and I walked out into daylight. I won’t explain why I was up till that hour in the morning but it was related to “stuff”.

Living over here means everyone wishes you a happy birthday with a drink. I lost count of the number of shots I consumed from Midnight till whenever. Worse part is I get to rinse and repeat this all again tonight.

44 Years Young

The reality of all this is I wanted to move to Thailand when I was 40, I only missed it by 4 years more or less. I knew when I turned 40 I hated what I was doing in America. Circumstances forced me to delay that. Part of it was financial and part of that was family related.

Now that I am here, I am happier than ever. Even a bad day here is better than a good day back in America. It has nothing to do with hookers and booze. Here, I have the freedom to do what I want when I want. I would not trade that freedom for anything in the world.

Until you have said, fuck this and make the leap you will never know what it is like to break out of the expectations of the world and do your own thing. There are a million reasons to say no to changing your life. It only takes one yes to walk away and be done with it.

What The Future Holds

Someone asked me last night what the future holds. I said I wanted to be one of the geriatric old men walking around in black socks and sandals and occasionally banging a 20 year old Thai girl while hopped up on kamagra. I honestly have a deep respect for those guys. They don’t give a shit what others think about them.

With that, I hope to join that club in the next 30 years or so. Just walking down the sois getting a perv and when the kamagra hits and my dick gets hard just move in and bang her until the old man moan escapes my lungs.

Happy birthday to me. If you are miserable, have the resources to do it, get out now. You will be happier for it.