Where have I been? Well, it’s been crazy on this side of the world and things quickly spiraled out of control and for once not on a booze binge.

Death And Cats

I have been cat sitting and running back and forth between my place and the Dark Side of Pattaya. Why? Well mainly because friends grandmother died and she had to go up North for the funeral. I should point, grandmother died where the cats are. So you have to arrange the body to be delivered from Pattaya to bumfuck no where so she can be cremated.

This has cut into my time considerably and I just have been exhausted and worn out riding back and forth.

Mama Spanky Is Coming

My other fun thing is Mama Spanky is coming next week. Dealing with your 73 mother who is getting more nervous by the minute as her date approaches has been a constant since Monday. There was a heart issue involved that no one saw coming. I didn’t get her clearance technically till Tuesday when the doctor green lighted her after a massive series of tests.

Now I have a new problem. Where I originally thought I had a free car waiting for me, I no longer do because it’s now up north. So it’s been looking at rental car places and dealing with all the other fun shit that I never thought I had to do. There is no way my Mom can handle riding a bike so I’m kinda stuck right now with no option other than getting a car.

During all this I will have to move as well and get my old place cleaned and turn over the keys. It will be a slice of heave trying to fit all this in with my Mom here.

My Status Next Week

With my Mom now coming I don’t know what my schedule is going to be like. I have to play tour guide and spend time with her. I will have not seen her for a year at this point. So she’s going to want my time. Plus her flight times suck and I have to be in Bangkok at ass o’lock in the morning for both her arrival and departure flights.

Many apologies but I likely won’t be posting much until I get her back out of the country. It’s been a crazy 4 days as I have been dealing with all this along with my regular stuff I do. It’s bad when I am crashing at 10PM exhausted because I have done nothing but running.

So please bear with me for the next few weeks with a crazy posting schedule.