Living in Pattaya for almost 3 weeks has been a bit of an eye opener. Not just from the freedom to do nothing perspective but you learn its a small town. The expat community is rather tiny and you learn a few things quickly.

Don’t Drop Names

I know people. Some for a long time others for shorter amount of time. The one thing you don’t do is going around dropping names and saying you know so-and-so. You may say you know them in passing but don’t think that by knowing someone it makes you something more than you are.

Your reputation is built on your own actions. Actions are judged more than names and more so, you don’t know whose name is shit and whose isn’t. So be yourself and don’t act like a big man in town because you maybe shared a beer with someone or have a drink in their bar.

Everything You Do Is Known

Unless you live way the hell out of Pattaya in a Thai community everything you do is known. You can be tracked down fairly quickly if you are well enough known. It’s just a matter of finding the one person that has seen you. This can be both an expat or a girl.

People think that they have this anonymity cloak when they are here. Wrong! Eventually your actions will be tracked and then verified no matter how much on the downlow you think you operate. Trust me on this.

With modern social media and access to a community that takes interest in what the others doing you will be found out. So if you get into some sketchy shit make sure you do way the hell away from Pattaya or someone will find out.

Respect Is Earned Not Given

You can be yourself. In fact, this town thrives on people who dance to their own tunes. Most of us are square pegs who didn’t fit into the round hole back in our home countries. So being slightly off is the norm here. So people are very tolerant of some eccentric behavior.

With that said, you have to earn the respect of those around you. We might be all slightly off but your actions are going to speak louder than your money or how much you talk. If you say you are going to do something you follow up and do it. It’s how you earn respect here.

In a town full of individuals your word is your bond. You earn respect by following through on what you promised. If you are known to be unreliable or a liar you are given zero respect. Sure your money may be taken and you may sit at the big boys table in a bar but you aren’t respected merely tolerated.

It’s A Small Town

I once lived in a small town in rural America. It was bumfuck nowhere. I learned that because it was so small everything I did, including to the number of dumps I took a day was well known. It’s like that here. The expat community is fairly tight and small. You want to be apart of that group you learn to play by the new social rules that likely didn’t exist in your home country.

For those of you that come in holiday have at it. You go home and your actions are forgotten because there is always a new face here. Living here, your actions and words have very real consequences because the option of jumping on a plane is no longer an option.