This isn’t about drinking. Well, it could be but not about me drinking. It’s about Pattaya and how 5 O’Clock seems the magic hour around here.

Sleepy Little Town

It was interesting hearing guys bitching about Soi 6 not being open till 5 or 6. That Pattaya was going to shit because you could not get drunk and laid till later and it was the end of the world.

While I cannot be accused of being a morning person on the best of days. The reality is my schedule is of sleeping till the afternoon in the norm.

Most people are sleeping because most things start later. So that means if you are dealing with bars you aren’t moving till much later because you go to bed later.

People Start To Move

You generally start to see people move around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. This is when those of us who have been up half the night have gotten up and started to function.

Pay attention and you will see restaurants starting to fill up with punters that cater to them. The food stands in the markets get the bar staff getting their cheap eats. It’s the prep time to start to face the coming evening.

You will also notice an increase in foot traffic and road traffic as everyone is doing the daily things called living here before they go to work.

5 O’Clock

This is now the time when Pattaya comes alive. The beer bars are now open, Soi 6 is in full swing and the generally the punters start to venture out for their early evening beverages and a quick short time before going to eat dinner.

Traffic is now a bitch because those with real jobs are trying to get home. Those of us with barfly tendencies or who make money off the bar scene are starting to wander into bars to get an early meeting done or some work that need to be finished before the customers start to arrive in earnest.

5 O’Clock is when dysfunctional Pattaya starts to come alive. The nightly ritual of bars and hookers starts to repeat itself all over.

Takes Some Adjusting

Coming up on my 30 days as an expat it has taken some adjusting to getting used to this wonderful; but crazy world. Your day can start as late as 3 or 4 in the afternoon and end some time around 7 AM in the morning. I have seen more sunrises than I care to admit. At first I was bombed out of my mind. Now I’m sober and just wanting to go bed.

Even after a month, I can tell you I don’t want to do a 9 to 5 job ever again. I’ll take the 5 PM start any day of the week and the freedom to do what I want.