I saw a post on CRT in the VIP section (membership required) that basically was a reader of this site (not picking on you) being a little freaked out by a monger who was gay bringing back his conquest of for the day/night.  Now, in Latin America gay mongers and those enjoying transexuals is pretty hidden or not open at all.  The machismo that is displayed in Latin America makes it difficult for homosexuals and transgendered people to have a rough go at life.  Seeing how I spend most of my time in in Asia where the gay and transgendered scene is so in your face and so accepted it doesn’t bother me much anymore.

My feelings on the matter are this and while I can respond to the forum post, the reality is it’s a cheap topic to write about and to be honest, content is a mother fucker sometimes to come by.  My feelings are on mongers that enjoy alternate lifestyles is that if they aren’t bothering me, aren’t breaking any laws, and not treating their conquest like shit, I don’t really care.  We are all doing the same thing and thats ultimately paying for sex regardless of preference.  I have lots of gay friends here in the US and I know more than a few lady boys in Thailand and have ventured into their world.  Hell, I periodically venture into gay clubs with friends because if you want to get laid in the US its a prime spot to pickup ladies simply because they don’t expect a straight guy in a gay club and trust me, a gay guy knows a straight guy a mile away.  The ladies think its cool that I’m so comfortable with the environment it usually ends up in my favor.

In Thailand, the ladyboy scene is so in your face it’s impossible to escape it.  They are co-mingled in a lot of bars and it’s not unusual to have one approach you with an offer.  You will see guys that could rip out your lungs because they are so juiced on steroids, and have the look of serial killers that to make a derogatory comment towards them would end in your immediate death walking happily down a street holding hands with a ladyboy.  There is an entire gay area called Boyz Town in Pattaya that caters directly to gay mongers and I did try to get Pattaya Bound to move into an apartment located there because lets be honest, gay guys have good tastes when it comes to decorations.  Sadly he did not go and look at the apartment but I do think it would have been funny.

In the end, my advice is if it bothers you, just ignore it.  It’s not a big deal one way or another  and while it may skeeve you out a bit, it’s not you partaking and it doesn’t have any direct impact on you.  Let them do their thing and you do yours.  The equalizer is that we are all paying for sex.