I can continue on with my Pattaya trip report but in all honesty I am wearing thin on it.  It basically involved me drunk off my ass every day and then me delaying my flight home.  I’ll come back to it when the mode strikes me but with real world commitments shoving themselves into my altered reality that is mongering it has gotten me thinking.

I have known more than a few girls over my years of mongering, some I have grown attached to, not in a serious way but attached to in a friendly way that lead to a level of comfort around each other that almost borders on a normal relationship.  I’m an introvert by nature and I’m not very open with my thoughts or feelings for the most part and I’m content with that.  Mongering is draw for me because its time with a woman on my terms where I can cut it off when the mood strikes.  A lot of working girls have similar attitudes and those that have been around me long enough respect my boundaries and I respect theirs and as I said there is a comfort factor involved.

I have recently been watching from afar women that I thought I knew very well and the more I watch the more I think I haven’t a freaking clue who these persons are.  Most of the working girls I have been around tend to be the more well grounded ones and while Michelle and I would fight constantly, we understood one another and I took the game as far as I was willing to play it and I promptly ended it when it became a chore.  Most of the girls, have their faults and I have known about them and while they do enjoy the perks of their work they are aware on some level the responsibilities that are required of them in the real world.  It goes back to the flip side of the coin of a monger.  When mongering its a fantasy, when you are in the real world you deal with the responsibilities of it all.

These people are on an endless party loop that will end up costing them in the long run.  I think the line from Tommy Boy said it best, “Fat, drunk, and stupid are no way to go through life”.  I am watching this from a distance and while fat would be the word I use to describe them, drunk and stupid are.  I watch with sorrow and the fascination of a person who is looking for the bodies at a bad car accident.  To discuss their actions would be similar to talking to a wall because a wall cares more.  Their plaintiff wails of why me and so on while trying to point out to them that their own actions are bringing on their problems just falls on deaf ears.  So I just don’t bother with them, instead I watch and wait for the bodies like a ghoul.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer posting but its been on my mind and to quote Adam Sandler, “I have the microphone and I say what I wish”.  My platform so to speak.