piratesFor the record. I can give a shit less about your sexual preference. My friends and I engage in homophobic talk from time to time. Mostly “just busting balls” so to speak. If men or women want to get married they should have the same opportunity to be happy or miserable as “straight” couples. I don’t understand it. As Dice Clay once pointed out “How can a dude look at another man’s hairy ass and say “I ain’t leaving this beach until I get some of that.” Different strokes for different folks. If it makes you happy then roll that way.

What I am referring to is the seemingly necessary inclusion of gays or gay behavior in movies and television. Is there a mandate in Hollywood that all television shows or movies now include at least one gay character or gay scene?

Generally it is no big deal or as Dr. House once pointed out that he watched “The L Word” (show about lesbians) with the sound turned off. I have never seen Broke Back Mountain or have any desire. It is the unnecessary inclusion of gay men in television shows.

Here is what got me going on this topic. I really enjoy the show on Stars “Black Sails”. It is a story about pirates in the Caribbean in the early 1700s. Who never wanted to be a pirate? Fighting, fucking whores, drinking with your mates every day. No real job. Fuck yeah! The main character is Captain Flint. The most feared Pirate in the Caribbean. He has this obviously sophisticated beautiful English Lady in a house inland away from the harbor and other pirates and the Inns and Brothels. As the story unfolds about how he became a pirate and they are together, we learn he was once a rising star in the English Navy and she was the wife of an English Lord. He was sent to work with the Lord to make a plan to take Nassau back from the Pirates that had taken it over. So naturally she gives him some pussy and he likes it. You figure they had to leave when they were discovered? Fuck no! He also fucks the English Lord and the Lord’s father finds out and rats him out to the Admiral. They put the Lord he was fucking in a mental hospital and then they have to run away. Of course they have to show them kissing and together in bed. It was Ok with her as far as we can tell. Seriously? They could have let the story go with an affair between the Lord’s wife and the Lieutenant. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO! They had to include buggery or Man Love as they portrayed it. I guess it was true love as Captain Flint is only fucking the English Lady and none of the other Pirates.

Maybe it is a good thing. I am not making judgments. The same thing occurred in the 70s as minority actors began getting roles that usually went to white actors. Too bad that didn’t start in the 50’s. It could have saved us from John Wayne as Genghis Khan. That went too far also when we got Will Smith as a US Secret Agent in the old west in “The Wild Wild West”. The music video was pretty good though.

This is just a sign of the times. Were there Gay Pirates? Probably? Did buggery occur? Yes indeed. I just want to enjoy a good show with a good story and not cringe when two men start kissing.

Big Daddy