Heads up for those of you planning trips to Thailand next few months. There are some dates you need to know.


For those planning on visiting in March a massive heads up that will screw up your holiday. Thailand is holding elections for the first time in 4 years! Joys of joy!

Early voting is taking place March 15-17. As of now there is no official bar closures. However, don’t hold your breath because Thai authorities are notorious for telling businesses like 24 hours before hand.

The elections take place the following weekend starting March 22-24. Keep in mind that while I say it starts on whatever day it means a Midnight close for bars. They will do a Midnight open the day it ends.

Keep in mind the bigger bars will open before Midnight. While they are open staffing is slim. The other thing to keep in mind is that voting is compulsory in theory. Thais have to go to their home province if they don’t do early voting. While compulsory is used the reality is if they don’t vote they can’t run for public office. Considering your average bar worker will never do that take it with a grain of salt.

If you are worried about protests and shit like that it takes a few weeks to certify elections. So there is no need to worry about that. While certain groups get pissy most Thais don’t give a shit. Plus most stuff will be confined to Bangkok if there are protests and it won’t impact the monger areas if you are a Bangkok monger.

I was personally in Pattaya while Thais were raging on Government House in Bangkok. You would never have known anything was going on. If you are worried about them laying siege to the airport again, let me tell you emphatically that will not be allowed. That stunt worked once because it was favorable to certain people. Even then it hurt the mighty tourist dollar and gave Thailand a black eye. So don’t worry about it.

Makha Bucha/Visakha Bucha Day

This is a 24 hour closure for the start of Buddhist Lent. This year it’s the 19th of February. It’s a big deal to Thais so don’t expect a lot of options being available. Bar fine early and ask the girl if she wants to go to temple to make merit. It’s the polite thing to do and will earn your bonus points. It’s also mildly interesting if you are curious about Buddhism.

The end of Buddhist Lent is Visakha Bucha Day which falls on the 20th or May. Like Makha Bucha the bars will be under a 24 hour closure. So again, plan accordingly.


In May Thailand is having the coronation of the new king. While he’s already the king he hasn’t officially be publicly coronated. I don’t pretend to understand this so I’m not going into it.

What I can tell you is that May 4-6 will likely be dry days and bars closed. So plan your trip accordingly to avoid those days. I can’t speculate what the girls will do during this or how Thais will react. It’s the first new monarch in like 75 years.

Other Options

If you have the time and are going to be in the region I would suggest some side trips to Cambodia and the Philippines if you are there for mongering. If you want to just explore then hit any of the countries in the region and check them out. Just mongering will be slim on the ground.

If you are going for mongering I recommend Phnom Penh. While the scene is smaller than Pattaya and Bangkok it’s well established. You can have a good time in Phnom Penh and weed is legal! I can’t recommend it enough as a good destination for a few days.

If you are curious about the Philippines you can stay in Manila but I have no real idea about the scene there. If you want hardcore mongering then Angeles City is the better destination for point and shoot mongering.

Personally I despise Angeles City and will never go there again. Lonesome Traveler enjoyed his time and 1000 Peso fucks he was scrounging off the street. Just a heads up on Angeles there is fuck all to do other than drink and fuck. While it seems the monger dream it gets old very quickly. There is also limited daytime options and the gogos don’t get going on Fields Ave. till later in the day or evening. Then you are fighting with Koreans to get the girls.

Personally I would hit Phnom Penh (oh wait I am) then go to Angeles City. Mainly because it’s an hour flight from Bangkok and I don’t have to deal with a 2 or 3 hour taxi ride to get to the mongering action. Plus Manila airport is a shit hole. Worst rated airport in Asia should give you a hint.

Mark Your Calendar

Keep these dates in mind as you plan your trips to the Land of Smiles. You won’t be caught out and surprised when you arrive to party and find everything is closed. Personally I would recommend going to another country. I have a trip to Cambodia planned for elections and looking at other destinations for the coronation.

Hope it helps!