It’s true!

I’m jaded and I rather like being that way anymore.  I have been mongering domestically and internationally for 20 years now and there isn’t too much that I haven’t seen or done.  Nothing much fazes me anymore and nothing overly entices me.  When I hear a sales pitch by some girl offering my every fantasy that I have ever wanted I can sit there and stare at her and say done it at least once and likely twice just to make sure since sobriety and me aren’t always on speaking terms.  What most men dream about I just give a mental shrug to.

I have a married friend who is honestly happily married and knows about my hobby.  He loves the stories I come back with but he would not trade his life for mine because he loves the comfort of his wife.  He will readily admit that he’s no longer married for sex, but the companionship and comfort she brings him.  While I can’t wrap my mind around that; mainly being with a woman that long without wanting to kill her, I can appreciate his view.  A lot of mongers (that means you readers) would be shocked to know I rarely partake when I travel anymore.  To me, mongering is like shooting fish in a barrel and there isn’t a lot that can entice me to partake in a girl.  I no longer travel to go and fuck as many women as I can.  Instead I travel to enjoy myself which usually means getting abysmally drunk, staying up till done, jamming with the local bands, and generally living the life I don’t live at home.  The ability to get laid is just an icing on a cake for me.  I like knowing that I can partake if the urge hits me but for the most part if it happens it happens and if it don’t it don’t.  I no longer worry about it or gauge how successful a trip was by the number of nuts I achieved.

I can also say that my lady selection is no longer based on how hot the girl is.  I will gladly admit a woman is beautiful but I don’t get excited for that anymore.  I am more attracted to a woman with brains and a personality instead of some fuckbot that will essentially be a cum socket.  Hell, if I’m worried about looks I can get some lube, close my eyes and be with whoever I want.  End result is about the same.  So when I do partake in the hobby and this isn’t bragging it’s usually with a woman that has been around me while I’m focused on the drunk, stay up late, and have a good time and she wants to be with me.  Would I call them all stunners, not on your life.  Would I call them great sessions because they genuinely wanted to be with me oh hell yes.  The holy grail of mongering is the PSE or GFE experience.  I don’t do the PSE because my mind won’t stop screaming fake but a GFE I’m into.  Now that I don’t worry about getting laid I get a lot more GFE than I ever did.

I will never give up traveling to monger destinations but its not to fuck.  Its just to enjoy life and watch the freak shows as it happens.  Like I said, it’s comforting to know I can get laid if I want to but not a requirement.  The way my jaded ass rolls works for me and I’m happy with it.  If I never get laid again on a mongering trip I have had more sex and wild shit happen to me in my 20 years of mongering than most men have had in their lifetimes.  So jaded I am but I’m also happy and I get to see some interesting sights on my travels.