I just realized I didn’t post today. I’m a retard.


My excuse is I am dealing with some side business that distracted me and I honestly had the site open and ready to write a post. Then I got stuck dealing with a bunch of unexpected issues.

I can’t disclose what I am doing but lets just saying registering shit on internet sites is a bitch and they don’t make it easy. Even with a contact inside it’s been tedious as fuck to do what I need to get done.

Hungover Didn’t Help

Yesterday was my first day off in 8 days and I am looking at increasingly going 6 days a week of work or longer without a day off. So when I had my day off I took advantage of it, I got smashed out of my skull.

In full disclosure I got smashed earlier this week and went to bed sometime around 8 or 9 in the morning. It’s not a good sign when you outlast one of the most legendary drunks in Pattaya.

I was with said legendary drunk again last night, this time he beat me. I went home at 3 I think.

Then I Got Laid

Considering my hours suck balls and my recent drama from my freebies, I went fuck this, I’ll show up when I want to.

Spanky snuck off and went to a little soi most of you don’t know and cut one from the herd I bang from time-to-time. She knows I work a bar and I refuse to tell her the name and I never wear and bar branded shit when I bang her.

She’s straight up, sex and nothing more. I don’t want anything deeper to do with her so I am never going to tell her where the bar is to avoid it. Pay the bar and give her 1000 Baht and my balls are drained and I am happy.

So Sorry For Retarded

So sorry for this little fuck up, just gives you a dose of living in paradise daily! Living the dream and all that shit. Yes, I’m retarded for not doing the post like I should have but life goes on and I hope some of this makes up for it.

This is real expat life for those of us not on retirement funds. I have money, it’s not an issue, but you are so ingrained to working and hustling that when an opportunity presents itself you just go, fuck it, yeah, I’ll do it because its just more beer and pussy tokens.