I swear I said it and didn’t change a word from General MacArthur. When I boarded that flight out of Suvarnabhumi Airport. It was a strategic retreat, not a defeat!

Yes, loyal readers I am returning. Similar to MacArthur retaking the Philippines lot of planning and preparation have been involved with this. I do thank some of you who knew I was coming to remain quiet about it as I waited for all my plans to be finalized.

To clarify a question, am I moving to Thailand this trip? No. Yet, the trip will be done to facilitate that elusive goal. One of the problems I have is showing Monger Travels HQ since I still live in it. While I am in Thailand this solves this problem.

For inquiring minds, I needed to get away. Dealing with work, family, and the fact I am just world weary I needed a break. A very long break. I have been storing my holiday leave. Sure I have had my adventures this year and last, I am good and gaming the system to maximize the holidays I take. So by the time I leave I will have nearly 2 months holiday stored up. With a few inquiries with the boss I managed to book a 6 week holiday! This means 6 glorious weeks away from reality.

This would explain why I have been in overdrive for my Asian obsession. If you paid close attention to the monger pic of the day stuff, there were hints. Since most of you are just looking for jerkoff material I doubt you read the squiggly bits that were before the picture. I have known I am going since late June but things had to be finalized.

I will be arriving in Thailand on November 1. I am going out of Las Vegas so in total I will not be home for 7 weeks since I will be out there for work. I am as always, flying Korean Air. Since I am saving that free first class ticket I have from miles till I do make that final trip I’m back in coach. I am hoping that with their Las Vegas service is new the flight won’t be full. Still, I have a firm belief in better living through chemistry and should be able to sleep through the flight. As a side bonus, its an evening flight so for the first time in a long time I will not be leaving in the morning. I also get to land in Bangkok during the day. I haven’t seen that in a long time.

Since I will be based in Pattaya I had to find suitable accommodations for my residency in Thailand. After reaching out to my usual places all were booked already. So taking a different track I started looking at airbnb and I found a one bedroom condo with a full kitchen. This was important to me. I wanted the ability to cook my own meals. While I will eat out for the most part since food in Thailand is cheap but I like to make my own breakfast as I tend to putter around in the mornings.

This was my first experience with airbnb but in all the transaction was easy the the guy who owned it seemed to be a bit of a monger or at least ok with the lifestyle. He advertised it as close to Walking St. and when I asked if he minded “guests” he responded that he expects his visitors to enjoy all the benefits of Pattaya. Perfect answer! While I am not a fan of longtime I recognize it happens so I figured its better to ask now then find out later.

So with accommodations sorted it was time to find a trusty steed for my needs. I wanted to rent a bike again so I could get around for some adventures. This also explains why I went and bothered to get my motorcycle license. This means I will have my international license stamped with the motorcycle stamp to avoid paying “fines” to various police officers looking for tea money. So reaching out to Kessaya Motorbike Rentals got me a Honda PCX for the duration of my stay for a very reasonable price. On a side note, I also have a line on purchasing a bike as well. Will know about that in October. Since storing the bike would not be a problem as part of this its very appealing to me so waiting for that answer. If not, I have the rental and if I need to cancel it I’m out all of 1000 Baht.

With everything now in place and my leave formally approved it was time to make the announcement to Monger Travels!

So 6 weeks in Thailand? What the hell are you going to do?

Let me clarify this up front, its not a mongering trip. While I will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits that Pattaya affords me its not my primary motivation. I have fucked my way through the world. I have drank my way through the world. While I enjoy it, its no longer the driving motivation in my life. I want to see and do things that involve more than being drunk in a bar and taking a girl for a spin in a short time room.

When I was last in Thailand with Scubabum I really enjoyed the day trips we did on the bike. I liked getting out and seeing new things other than the inside of a bar. So I have lots of adventures planned. I will be doing a few days in Bangkok. I am looking at an overnight to Ayutthaya. I want to explore Rayong and that means a trip to Ban Chang. Plus a whole host just daily tourist shit.

Over the years I have gotten good at photography to the point where I am getting license and print requests. I find myself enjoying travel and landscape photography because I can setup and chill out. Lots of tripod work but I will always have a trusty camera with me to just shoot anything that catches my fancy. The joy of photography is you get to go out and see things you would otherwise not see. I stay away from the tourist trail for the most part. I like to think of my adventures as the tourist footpaths where I will happily shoot a tourist attraction but I will do it my way and far away from the hordes.

With lots of shooting means lots of editing but I find that relaxing as well. Sitting in a room with the windows open to hear the frantic pace of life around you, music playing, and a cold beer is a relaxing time for me. I enjoying the process and it allows me time to decompress.

Finally, I will be leaving Thailand to spend 5 days in Cambodia. I am heading Phnom Penh! I debated on going to Siem Reap but I will save that for another trip. This will allow me to check out Cambodia and Phnom Penh, which is plan B if Thailand and Pattaya go to shit.

Cambodia is much easier to do business in and their visas are extremely generous and work permits readily available legally. For someone of my skill set which is in demand this is extremely interesting to look at. So this will be an exploration trip. From all indications, Phnom Penh reminds me of Tijuana which I enjoy so looking forward to that.

So plans are in motion! I also recognize that plans are like a fart in the wind. There one minute and gone the next. Still, I don’t believe I am being that aggressive and there will be lots of time for enjoying the naughty delights that Pattaya offer. I am sure there will be a few benders tossed in with me sitting at JPs bar at 7 AM. I recognize my own weaknesses and instead of fighting them, I just go with the flow.

As for the site and how it will be run during my 6 week sojourn in Thailand? I plan on running a daily trip report. Some days will be riveting reading with lots of debauched activities and others will be like hearing about a family vacation from someone you don’t care about. They all can’t be crackers now can they?

For those of you looking to meet up, I will be arriving November 1 and leaving the Kingdom of Thailand December 13. I know some time will be spent with Pattaya Bound since he is living there. His expat lifestyle is much quieter than mine even with my reduced interest in drinking and fucking. Still, some adventures have been planned.

The Racist Asian Brother is considering a trip and I assured him that I won’t make him fuck during the day or mock him for eating at the mall. Living so close to Tijuana he doesn’t feel the need to fly 20 hours to just stick his dick into something.

There will also be some other gentlemen of dubious virtuous that will be around as well and looking forward to catching up with them along with the usual cadre of expats that I know.

So for those of you heading to Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, or any other Latin American destination enjoy! You know where I will be, my happy place.

So Thailand as I said when I boarded that plane; to the people of Thailand whence I came, I shall return.