The title – I need a favor are some of the most dreaded words you can hear from a Thai girl. Why? It usually involves money.

You Are Rich

Thais think all farang are loaded and just go out and blow money like it was their last day on Earth. They think this because they see guys come in on their 2 week millionaire tour and assume every farang is just swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck.

They fail to make the connection that these guys come in and blow their wad because they have been saving up for it. It’s a holiday and it’s a once or twice a year thing. Not a continual thing they do every day.

When you try and explain this to a Thai girl most just get a blank look on their face or just completely ignore. Either way, they don’t get it.

No I Am Not Giving You Money

When you live here you are assumed to be a reliable source of free money. That is until you prove otherwise.

I have made the mistake of “lending” money to a Thai girl before. Now I don’t bother with calling it lending because you won’t get it back. You might as well just call it giving her the money. What’s worse is if you are in the “friend zone” you can’t even get a decent fuck out of it.

Trying to explain the logic and reason on why you won’t give your money to her is pointless. If you do it’s a rabbit hole you won’t ever climb out of. They just will keep going until you relent and give in. Better to just say no outright and move the hell on.

Sure the girl is going to be pissed but fuck her. Ask her once if she will lend you money and the look of horror on their face is priceless. They can’t believe a farang will ask them for money. Their brain just freezes.

It’s Not A Favor

It’s never a favor when you lend a Thai girl money. It’s just a losing proposition. There is no way you are going to come out ahead and no way you will ever see your money again. Just say no. It’s quicker and easier and you don’t have to deal with drama down the road when you expect to get your money back.

The day you ask for you money back they will come up with a million excuses why they don’t have it. Their mother’s, uncle’s, aunt’s, grandmother’s, cousin needed money for bike repair or some other dumb ass shit. They will never tell the truth which is they are either broke already because they have sent money home and pissed away the rest on useless shit.

So when you are here gentlemen, or live here like me and hear the dreaded words I need a favor. Just stop them and say no because 99% of the time it’s going to be for money.