It feels somewhat surreal writing those words – I live here. I am now officially an Pattaya Expat. Of course I’m in holiday mode but as I write this I’m settling down and skipping the endless boozing and whoring.

Visa On Arrival

I landed in BKK without issue. The Thai Elite Visa people were at the gate with my name and a cart. To be honest I was a bit worried. Thailand being Thailand you never know when things are going to fuck up. So seeing the lady with my name as I walked down the ramp was a huge relief.

We took the cart to immigration and they took my passport. Got asked to produce where I was staying and then my visa was put into my passport. Then I was processed through passport control. With a 1 year stamp in my passport.

During all this my luggage tags were taken and then it was picked up for me. I waited a bit more in a lounge where I was given some water and all the Thai Elite documentation and then I was done. Luggage was on a cart for me and we were off to meet my taxi.

Holiday Mode

During the last 2 days I have been in party mode. Enjoying all that there is to enjoy and getting in at 7 AM and waking up at 3 or later. This has included random BJs, bad sex, and a few hangovers.

It turns out I live right around the corner from Soi Bongkot which is where a good selection of gentleman’s clubs are. This means in 5 minutes I’m there and call it 7 minutes my cock is in a mouth. I honestly didn’t know this when I picked this place but it does seem to have a very good upside.

Holiday mode will be ending as I focus on getting my shit together over here. Doesn’t mean the BJs stop but the excessive drinking likely will. My body is already starting to tell me to get fucked.


From everyone I talked they always questioned if I was going to do this. I wasn’t offended by that because it just seemed to take forever to be here. Now I really am.

It hasn’t sunk in yet. I live here now. It’s a bit surreal but it’s something I have wanted for a number of years. I already have a lot of expat tendencies so I’m not worried about surviving. It’s now going to be how to live and thrive here. Going to be fun.

For now, to help me stay grounded I’m going to get a BJ.