So yes, I see your emails and comments. I approve of them or read them and move on with my life. I appreciate them but I also under that I am not the same person who started this shit 8 years ago.

  1. Living in Thailand, and Pattaya, in particular, has taught me that mongering is so many fucking shades of grey that it’s absurd. Yes, want a quick fuck its easy as shit. Having feelings that are reciprocated; oh fuck me. This one is on me. I have a wall that you won’t believe and I keep shit at arms distance on purpose. Reality is you build real relationships (not sexual) with people around you. Male and female. Sometimes the male and female (as in me with girls I know you those of you that aren’t in touch with their feelings and shit) parts develop feelings for each other. You as a monger need to decide to do, “I grow the fuck up and try the relationship thing keeping my penis to myself”  or you just ignore the fact that you have another person in your life who used to work a bar and give yourself an okay to fuck around because she likely is. Relationships are about trust, you either do or you don’t. If you choose to go in with an ex-prostitute that’s on you. Your insecurities are yours. Don’t justify your actions on her’s just because of her old job. You got involved knowing what she did so there is zero excuse.For inquiring minds, no I am not with anyone. Do I have an inkling of feelings for someone I guess? However, she’s working as I know my limitations. She’s got bills to meet and yes, that’s part of the deal when you get involved but I also know that I won’t. So I respect the fact she has to do what she has to do. Do we talk daily? Yes! We see each other daily? Yes! Have I touched her? No! I like her as a person. Call it working with too many women in my life but getting my dick wet is secondary. She knows my sordid history by talking with others. I don’t give a fuck, and I equally don’t care about what she is doing now. It’s called life, you live it and deal with the consequences of your actions. Trust, me, mongers need to learn that shit. Fall in love, deal with it, and realize odds are against you. Stick to what you will and will not do and you will at least break even.
  2. One question I get constantly is living in Pattaya during some pandemic or some shit. How does it impact you? Well, yes, bars are closed. Has it impacted me? Not really? There is this beautiful app called Thai Friendly. You message, get their direct contact info and off you go. Yeah, the curfew here made it annoying but honestly waiting a bit made it sweeter. You don’t have to do that now.My only downside with this situation is that they are in my space. I preferred short-time because I had a room that wasn’t mine and I could bang them and move on. With the curfew, I had to deal with them coming to my place. It makes me uncomfortable. I like neutral or whatever territory. No one knew me and life was perfect. Plus, I had to make sure the Spanky Pimp Palace was clean. I’m single, not a fucking cleaning expert. No shit, I woke up after a bender with 2 girls and one was cleaning the toilet I just cleaned. I just shrugged and went whatever. In full disclosure, I knew both. Banged the one I didn’t want to. Still, end result is the same. Her friend was “asleep” on the sofa.
  3. How did you/do you drink with bars closed. That’s easy, make nice with bar owners. They let staff stay at their places. Most owners aren’t assholes and recognize a crisis when they see it. SO you get to know these girls more-and-more. So bars would be “open” but only for those in the know. Simultaneously they get to know you. Boredom made girls talk to you.This is even when they knew there was no barfine on the table. What it did do was develop a deeper respect for those of us who are still around? The reality is the Covid-19 hasn’t really impacted the expat trade and where I live in Jomtien it’s nonexistent. I had my local to drink at nightly, I don’t fuck where I drink but yes, Ms. Spanky Feelings works there. We’ll see how it goes. The other guys leave soon. Again, not jealous, I just know what I will and won’t pay for. She’s got her own dreams and goals. I got mine. Why I am like it is what it is? We can remain friends or figures out how to carry on. That’s called adulthood. Something that most mongers suck at. I still like her, will treat her as a friend, just know my massive “Little Spanky” isn’t going anywhere near it.
  4. Now, I think I have I answered everything. I wanted to post. It could be the typo shit but my software says I’m good for now. Point is this. Times are a-changing so now really,  improvise, adapt, overcome, I guess it is listening to your own heart and that of the ladies and friends around you. Use your friends for a bullshit filter. However, make the choice as the end of the day if you want to give involved or not. Not all bargirls are money-grubbing pieces of shit. Trust me, know many who aren’t. They just want stability in their lives and a family. It’s your choice if you wish to admit that.

So finally thought? Am I back? Who the fuck knows. I just wanted this off my chest because I got tired of hearing it. Are bars still closed? Yep! can you fly into Thailand? Nope! Just saying give it a think before you do something that can potentially be classified as insanity. Why insanity? It’s classed as someone who does the exact same thing and failing but still expects to complete the thing.

I’m not insane. Just here and honestly answering what I have been asked about.