Have a discussion with her before bed that this will be the last night she stays with me. She needs to go back to her work tomorrow, and I am going out tomorrow night. She’s not happy about that, as she doesn’t want me boom booming other lady. Well, she will be boom booming other men so same same.

“Not same. I do for money,” she responded.

Well, I do for money also, just that I am paying. Ah, we hit the nail on the head. I will be paying the money to another lady, and that is the part she doesn’t like.

Matter Of Perspective

The previous portion was from a trip report. I thought it was the most brilliant thing I have ever read when it came down to the relationship between mongers and providers.

They represent the different sides of the same coin. One side trades sex for money. The other sides trades money for sex. How they view each other are miles apart.

A prostitute views a monger as a commodity to be exploited and will do anything to keep the money flowing. Mongers view prostitutes as commodities that we pay for.

It’s Always About Money

I don’t care how special she is. How she may feel about you. When you step out on a working girl to go bang someone else, it’s not jealousy. It’s about money.

What she is annoyed at is the fact she is not the recipient of said money. She may enjoy her time with you. That could be genuine but at the end of the day she wants to get paid. If you aren’t with her spending money on her and giving it to her she knows you are with someone else. To a prostitute, not giving money to her is a cardinal sin.

They could care less if you bang everything on 2 legs. Just don’t dare pay them because that’s money she is losing.

Do For Money

Mongers should always be in the driver’s seat. Don’t ever sit there and think emotions are involved. I take that back. There is an emotion involved; greed.

Mongering is about freedom to do who you want when you want. Feeling trapped or being forced to compromise for a prostitute isn’t what mongering is.

Remember you do it for the money as well. It’s your money so spend it on who you want.