I realize that my posting has been erratic at best lately. I know I disappeared again but you deal with the shit thrown at you and move on.

It Started So Easy

I wrote last week about the photos I volunteered for. As I indicated last week I did the shoot and while it took longer than expected but all was well. Hell, I even managed to post Tuesday even though I was fried from editing photos.

That’s when I was asked if I could come back out and do some reshooting because they wanted some photos reshot at different angles. Still not a big deal and I would be home quickly and without much of a fuss as the property is all of 10 minutes away from me and not a big deal.

I should have known better.

Client From Hell

What started as just a simple interior and exterior shoot of a couple buildings slowly built up into a fucking nightmare. The reshoot on Wednesday only supposed to be a couple of photos. Instead it turned into an entirely new batch of 130 plus photos.

If you know photography you know you always shoot more than you need. The problem was the client wanted to view all the images and select each one. Top it off, he had someone else going back through and editing photos behind me which made them look like shit.

Then I get a message from the business partner that never introduced himself asking for exterior photos. I’m like the partner I worked with didn’t request them and more so there is construction crap all over the place. The one I worked with was like just Photoshop it out. I’m like I can’t. You can’t just fucking remove huge swaths of shit and more so I’m not going to even remotely attempt due to the time required.

So Thursday was can you come and do some exteriors for us? I sucked it up and went and did it again. What should have been a few turned into an artistic vision that was only possible if you were Buddha himself. I was like fuck this. So more fucking editing and turning them over.

What About Friday

I am sure you are thinking Friday you should have posted. Wrong! Guess what? More photos requested. Turns out they bought all new furniture, so all the shit we staged earlier was for naught. I just went ok trying to extract myself out of this cluster fuck as fast as possible.

Get there, the fucking house it torn to shit and construction material all over the place and wet paint. I’m like you must be fucking joking. The response was just wait a minute and we will get the workers to move shit. I was pissed but kept my mouth shut but I had to stand around holding my dick because I absolutely refused to help because I’m like this is fucking amateur hour bullshit because you don’t have your shit together.

When we were finally done, it was back to do more editing.

Where Are My Photos

This is where shit hit the fan and I finally lost it. I got told I never turned over the photos. I was like I emailed you the smaller resolutions and gave you a link to the bigger photos and the smalls as well.

No you didn’t.

I lost it. I was like have you even opened the fucking link I sent you that has all the photos? Yes! They aren’t there. I was like how in the fuck aren’t they there? This is how I turn shit over for EVERY ONE I SHOOT FOR and yet, you are the first that doesn’t get? Our relationship started to deteriorate quickly. I finally went dude, I can’t help you the photos are there, I verified the links using someone else so it’s a you problem not me.

What it really turned out was they could not figure out which house was which and wanted me to create two new folders and send the links to each individual house. I was like, why didn’t you just ask for that in the first place?

Just Say No

The lesson I should have taken from mongering is just say no. I kept giving in trying to help a friend out who asked me to do this for him as a favor. Sure I got some hooker tokens for my time but only for the base job, not the constant reshoots and time pissed away editing and explaining how to access photos.

I used to be a royal dick back in the US with stupid ass requests treating people like hookers and going no often. Too bad in this case I didn’t. I should have listened to my inner monger and went no. This wasn’t a winning situation and it kept getting worse.

To say the least I will not be doing any more photos for little happy group. I think we both mutually despise each other now.

Long Boring Tale

I get this is a long boring tale and I think I am really writing for my own sanity on why I disappeared again. I moved from the US to get away from the dumb shit above but here I was doing it again.

I used to like taking photos. Now? I rather stab myself in the face repeatedly then pickup a camera knowing I am going to have to do a fuckton of editing.

Considering that the main guy I worked with and I aren’t really speaking I am free this week. I plan on watching a lot of TV and doing fucking nothing related to photos.