One of the irritating things about living here and knowing people who work in the bar business is that sometimes they forget I am not a tourist. They play the stupid games that get done on holidaymakers just as an attempt to attract maximum Baht.

Life Around Bars

When your life somewhat revolves around bars it’s polite to stop in and have a chat with other people. You make connections, get the gossip and so on. It’s understood that you are coming as a customer but also as returning the favor for helping you out.

This is part of the bar culture when you live here. If you want to get smashed you can, you pay as a customer and it’s understood. If you just want a chat and a quiet drink the manager/owner its also understood. It’s a mutual respect thing and everyone gets it. Mostly.

I’m Not Stupid

Then there are the managers who are constantly trying to pull shit to get you to drink more and stay in their bar. It’s really rude and really fucking annoying.

This isn’t an insult to you guys that come here on holiday and go balls to the wall. It’s your holiday. Have at it. I know I did it countless times. When you live here the rules are very different and you expect to get treated as something more than just a walking ATM.

When a bar manager starts to play the stupid games we already know and possibly do it ourselves it’s really annoying. It’s like they think you are stupid and are going to sit there and be treated like some tourist fresh off the plane and ready to party mode.

It’s About Respect

There is professional courtesies in every profession, regardless if you run a bar or pickup trash. You expect to be treated with some respect because you understand what they are doing and the daily realities of what it takes.

When someone pulls out the extract money from you pocket tricks it shows they don’t respect you. They just view you as a revenue machine and another mook to be played.

As the the saying goes, vote with your feet, there is no reason to go and have a chat and rationalize with these people. You just quit going to their bars. It sends a message that you were not respected.

Enjoy Your Holiday

Come in on a holiday. Go wild and destroy yourself. It’s why you are there. To forget about reality for a bit. I love meeting guys like that not because I want to extract profit, its because they are having fun and fun people are cool to be around.

Just when you live here you are expected to be treated slightly different. I am not a tourist any longer. I’m an expat and the rules are different.