Today should be a monger pic of the day but guess what? I forgot to post yesterday. I am getting old.

Completely Forgot

So I really completely forgot to post yesterday. I have been binge watching TV avoiding the outside world as much as humanly possible due to Songkran. I really thought I wrote a post but between falling asleep and TV, I was completely out of it.

I normally write all the stuff in the morning after I wake up and could have sworn I did it. After that I check out and just start watching TV. I turn on The Expanse and just rip through each episode. Really good, highly recommend it. Just doesn’t cut it that my desire to watch that versus writing is a valid excuse.

Songkran Finishes Today

Today is happily the last day of Songkran. The bars that are near me are usually quiet during the day. Today they are rocking. I can hear the music which is abnormal. I don’t hear anything usually. It’s just nice and quiet but with Songkran finishing traffic is going to be a disaster and not getting wet is not an option. So I will be doing more TV watching. Least today I actually remembered to to write.

Honestly, 6 days of Songkran is miserable, most places it was over the days ago, not here in Pattaya. It’s nothing but a money grab by every business here. The worst is the number of water guns that will end up in the trash after this finishes. Total waste, only a few bars tell customers to leave them so they can store them for next year. The rest? Rubbish bin.

So With My Memory Going

I’ll do a monger pic of the day tomorrow to even things out since I was a complete moron and forgot to post yesterday. They say when you get old the bladder is the first thing to go then the memory. I already have to pee in the damn early morning, so I guess officially I am now old since I can’t even remember if I wrote for the site or not.

Anyways, hopefully will stay on schedule again. Apologies and all that. Seriously, Songkran has thrown me completely out of whack and me turning increasingly into a hermit the last few days is the reason I forgot. Hopefully this will not happen again. Then again, I said that last time when I remembered while eating I forgot to do a post and had to write from my phone.