The question has been where have I been the last few days. Well, to answer, I am alive and well. Just dealing with computer problems.

Main Computer Died

My main machine decided to die, not a glorious death but one of disk space related death which caused it to boot loop. Considering I use a Mac it’s not as easy as one may think to fix. Windows is actually easier.

So I had to spend time bringing it up in safe mode, blowing out a bunch of shit then seeing if it would boot and not crash again. Finally go to that point, then rain some repair utilities against it and called it fixed.

During all this I had a back log of photos to deal with as well. So I had to edit and catch up. Something had to give and this site was what gave. Yes, I could have posted from another machine or even my phone I just had to deal with the main because it holds my master software for editing photos.

Come Friday

Friday I had another computer problem and it wasn’t mine. Got a panicked phone call from a friend saying her bar’s computer died. I was like gotta be joking. So I was like ok, be there and off I went. Little did I know it was going to to turn into a major affair involving restores and hacking my way through software to get it to run correctly.

Top this off I had to do some photography on Friday night so I was rammed most of the day and dragging ass by the end of the night which was 10 PM for me.

Wait There’s More

It seems my life in computers was sealed because Saturday my media box corrupted it’s database of all the shit I have on it. So I spent most of my day dealing with that. I still love Plex which is what I use to stream my content, I could live without how it stores the database. I could have saved myself a shitload of time if I knew I just needed to blow out a directory and say just reload this portion please.

When you have over 1500 items in your media library it does take a bit to rebuild but once it’s done I was a happy camper and I promptly have vegged out the rest of the weekend. With that said, I have someones laptop that needs a repair job.

So I Am Alive

Sorry about the lack of anything but I am alive. I did check the forums, mainly to deal with the various spammers but like I said, something had to give and I don’t feel guilty if I miss a post or two anymore. When I lived in the states I used to fret about it. Now that I live here I am becoming more Thai in going whatever, will be there when I get to it. I swear I was Thai in a previous life.

Heads up. Mama Spanky is coming next month so a few days may be missed and I am moving Monger Travels HQ next month as well. Hopefully net is up and running when I move in, it’s part of my deal. Will see.

Anyways, this week back on schedule!