It’s January and we in America love to label our months with causes. So it is with great fanfare that I announce that January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Against Human Trafficking

This may be strange that a monger is against human trafficking. I’m firmly against anyone being forced into the sex trade. I would say 99% of the mongers out there will agree as well.

No person wants to see another human being forced into effective slavery. It doesn’t matter if it’s man, woman are child.

Human trafficking is wrong and it should not be tolerated.

Sex Workers Aren’t Trafficking Victims

While some sex workers are trafficked the majority of them are not. I’m not saying that those in the sex industry are there because it is their dream job. They are there by choice. If it’s for quick money to support a family or to support a drug habit.

In the US most sex workers get lumped into human trafficking and most mongers get labeled as abusers. No one wants to talk about the fact that sex for money does happen.

It’s much easier to go on a moral crusade and paint everyone involved as either a victim or an abuser. There is no grey area.

It’s All About The Money

Everyone likes a good cause. Nothing pulls the heartstrings more than a poor child being abused by a filthy man. The defenseless woman looking for a better life and then being sold into prostitution.

If there wasn’t money in this there would be no organizations formed to “fight human trafficking”. Politicians would not care if it didn’t get votes and support from those organizations that lend their name to.

The nonprofit world is a misnomer. There is a lot of money involved in it. Trust me as I speak from the inside.

There is very little accountability in the nonprofit sector. Until you get caught you can make a lot of money on overhead and fringe which include salaries.

Long as you get your name out there and support a cause that is sure to generate donations you can bank some coin.

Sex Sells

Until the sexual abuse connotation is removed from human trafficking the sex workers and the mongers will always be ostracized. I already said it’s much easier to label them victims and abusers because it draws money.

Sexual providers have very little legal representation and no organizations fighting for them. No one wants to acknowledge that if sex workers were regulated and affording legal protection trafficking numbers would drop dramatically.

There is no organization for mongers to have a public voice. We have to keep our lifestyle out of the public view because paying for sex is dirty and criminal.

It’s easier not to talk about legitimate sex workers and the average monger because it drives donations.

It’s Not Going To End

What irritates me most about Human Trafficking Awareness Month is that it’s never going to end. I already said that sex workers and mongers are marginalized. We have no voice.

No one is going to address the real issue driving human trafficking. Who wants to deal with poverty? It’s easier to just have a month named after your cause. Hold a few dinners and sell seats. Collect some donations. Get your cause on TV.

Let’s be honest. Poverty is the number one cause for it. When people are desperate they will do or believe anything if there is a promise of relief. This is how most people end up in trafficking. Whether the person is willing sold by their family or just promised something better.

Until that root cause is addressed naming a month after human trafficking does nothing.

It’s much easier to write a check to a cause and feel good about yourself then doing anything meaningful.