If you wonder why I didn’t post on Monday it’s because I have had a guest.

Met Her At A Party

I ended up going to a birthday party and I ended up meeting this girl. Yeah, she works there but I never really talked to her much. So once the party quieted down a bit I kinda just chilled in the back tablet relaxing. She comes over and starts talking to me. Never asked for a drink or anything. So I finally asked do you want one? Stupid I know because the answer is always yes.

Next thing I know we are out listening to music and having a great time together. Neither of us were drunk but we got out of the club at 3AM and made the usual stop at 7-11 to pickup food then headed back to my condo.

It was late and we were both tired so we forged the pleasantries and just went to bed.

Sunday Equal Funday

Never let it be said that Thai girls can’t sleep. She was asleep till 5 and I was fine with that. I just kinda got up and did my thing. I already figured she would be staying. However, I had reason to get out of here as I had to go to some place.

I woke up her and gave her money to pay her bar and taxi money. Said bring a couple days worth of clothes and I’ll see you later tonight and pick you up.

Of course this being Pattaya that failed spectacularly. I messaged her and said I got smashed on shots that were being bought for us. Complicated, but I was compelled to drink them. She said no problem come get me when finished. I said ok, then I finally got to her bar I was like I’m really not in the mood to head back but I can see you are. Here are the keys. I’ll meet you back there.

Shockingly I sobered up, food does wonders for that and I headed back to the condo. Came back took a shower and headed for the fun time. We consummate the relationship!

Wait There’s More

This time she was up before 5, she was going home and had to catch a bus so set an alarm to get her up. Obviously we did what two consenting adults are bound to do. Then I gave her some money for taxi.

The plan is when come back on Thursday or Friday, I can’t remember. She’s been messaging me constantly and sending family photos. She’s due just to come back here. I suspect I will now have a roommate for the foreseeable future but all things change and with Thais who the shit knows.

She likes the fact I’m low key and don’t really demand a lot. I like the fact she’s rather low key herself and doesn’t demand. Hell, when I came in Sunday I was shocked to see the condo had been cleaned. I was like I can get used to this. So will see where it goes.

That’s The Story

I may have a full time house guest in the near future. Shockingly not worried about it. Normally I run screaming but like I said, she’s low key and I like that. For now, I’ll just a take a wait and see approach. If it works it works. If it doesn’t well, life goes on.