It’s interesting that guys judge working girls solely on their profession. I have been around them too much to judge based solely on what they do. It’s a job to them nothing more and nothing less. Peel back the professional exterior and you get hopes and dreams of a real person.


Let’s be real clear about something. I have said that if I had a vagina with my morals it would be a license to print money. Then someone goes think about this, you got to do 7 or 8 guys a day. You don’t know how clean they are even if you shower them. What if they refuse the shower and you got some dirty dick with dick cheese and piss on it. Think of the jizz on your face, or some sweaty dude trying to shove his dick up your ass uninvited, or grabbing your hair and jerking their cock until they blow a load on it. Or what if they want to get rough or some other freaky shit you aren’t into.

That’s the reality of of being a prostitute.

Those scenario’s don’t really appeal to me that much. Fact of the matter is that it kinda weirded me out but that is what some of the girls deal with at least once a week or so.

Let Them Dream

When a girl meets a guy that maybe allows them a chance to get out the life, even if you know the guy is likely going to bail let them dream. Why crush that ember of hope that they have?

Having to deal with the reality of being a working prostitute is enough. Hopes and dreams are important. It’s what motivates and drives any person to attempt to be something more than they are. Sometimes it fails and sometimes it doesn’t. Depends on the person and motivation.

When a girl tells me she met a guy and he’s her boyfriend but yet still working I no longer go here is a reality check. I just wish them the best and move on. Why should I be them one that crushes it? I think we as mongers are too often to criticise. Not all of us are the same. There are always new faces and until they become jaded and hardened there is a shot they may let the girl get her dream of getting the fuck out of the bar.

Keep Their Hopes Alive

Living here in Pattaya has made me realistic to what goes on. I knew about the reality but never really pondered to think about it much until it was pointed out.

It seems cruel to rip out their hopes and dreams just because I’m a cynical asshole that has seen too many hopes and dreams get flushed down the toilet like a turd. Their hopes and dreams may be all they have left because they know when their looks go so does the money and that means less for their family.

There are very few prostitutes working in the business that don’t have a family to support here in Pattaya. So the more they make now the more they can give to their family. I’m not saying they are fiscally sound, just saying they are financially supporting their family.

If some guy comes along and offers a glimmer of hope to get out of this situation where they can do something other than suck a dick for a living, maybe, just maybe int will work out.

So let them have their hopes and dreams. It may be the only thing keeping them going.