When this post goes live I should be on the last 3 or 4 hours of my flight home. I’ll be somewhere over North America and likely having some food crammed into me.

One Hell Of A Trip

This has to be one of my better trips to Thailand. I was supposed to do various photography stuff but instead ended up drinking and fucking exclusively.

The stuff I did and the women I did it with were always fun and while I was flagging near the end due to copious amounts of alcohol and late nights I regret none of it.

You only live once and if you are going to be a monger do it in a way that makes you happy and damn if I didn’t do it.

Sucks Going Home

If there is a place on this earth where I am happy it’s here. It’s always painful to leave but I know I have to and it just reinforces my plans to move here. Hopefully politics will be sorted out.

I understand drinking and fucking 24/7 isn’t a sustainable lifestyle but even if you do it once a week it makes it so much better than sitting on your couch painfully doing nothing.

What To Expect

I’ll finish out the reports this week and next and go back to a normal schedule of 3 posts a week along with pics. There are some really debauched tales left and even a few tender moments by me or the various Thai’s in my life.

See You On The Other Side

When you next check I’ll be home. My body will thank me that it has a a few days to recover.

Until then I’m homeward bound.