I will freely admit that yesterday I totally screwed up and forgot to post. I was binge watching TV as it was a holiday here in Thailand! I write today after a bout of food poisoning.

Owning Yesterday

I meant to do the monger pic of the day yesterday. There wasn’t much going on here in Pattaya as it was a Buddhist holiday. I figured I get caught up on all the shit I didn’t watch while I was in the US.

While in theory, this is great when you start binge-watching shit you lose track of time and for that matter reality. I was happily going to town on The Magicians, Voltron, Magnum P.I., Forged In Fire, and a bunch of YouTube shit. When I looked up it was well past 9 PM which is 9 AM East Coast in America. I wasn’t dragging my happy ass off the sofa at that point to post a naked woman for you degenerates.

There are priorities people! At that point, mine was to finish watching my programs!

Food Poisoning

I do believe at this point my body is so used to food poisoning that it is no longer phased by it. This morning I woke up and had a healthy breakfast of smoked salmon. The problem was the smoked salmon and my body wasn’t happy together at all. It took a bit but once it kicked in the toilet and I were bonded and I was enjoying quality time with it. I think it missed me in my 6 weeks gone.

That all said the bum gun got one hell of a workout. You really don’t have a clue how nice a bum gun is until you have food poisoning and start to piss out of your ass in a steady stream. The need not to wipe constantly is a nice one. You can sit and air dry and wait for the next round to hit or just a quick wipe and dry and move on!

Bum guns for the win!

For inquiring minds, after 3 or so hours, some fluids back in me, no meds, and a nice nap and I’m feeling fine. Going to avoid the smoked salmon for a bit.

Back On Track

I am now back on track physically and posting wise. I do promise a monger pic tomorrow and I’ll write about some of the gentlemen’s clubs here in the Jomtien area on Friday. If you are planning a visit I do highly recommend a visit down to Jomtien. It’s worth it for some day time activities and it does feel like a different world from Pattaya.