I believe it was Lonesome Traveler in one of his many disguises that said mongering is a bit like skiing. It’s an analogy that does work when you think about it. Skiing is something you need to learn and get comfortable with. You slowly challenge yourself to move up to the next challenge. Slowly growing in confidence as you gain experience on the slopes.

All mongers start on the easy slopes. You know the easy little hills that are a lot of fun to run down. Sure there are few enjoyable wipe outs. It’s all fun and games and everyone has a good time. This is where most infrequent mongers stay. They don’t engage in the lifestyle enough to ever gain more experience. To them its a few times in their life and its all good.

The moderate slopes is where you find the majority of skiers just like the majority of mongers. These are the guys that monger once or maybe twice a year. The guys that save up all they have and take that once a year. These are the guys that have the most fun. They monger often enough that they can move up from the easy slopes but don’t have the time, energy, or resources to do it anymore. These are the guys that look at the beautiful woman and don’t think. They just want to fuck her as a trophy. Performance, motives, and so on don’t mater. It’s a nut with a beautiful woman.

The difficult slopes or black diamond is where you find the guys with the time, money and resources to monger too much. They have been through the ringer at least once with a working girl. One way or another they have put themselves out to a working girl and went through the emotional hell. There are scars from wounds inflicted while learning these slopes. A lot of mongers never leave these slopes. They get addicted to the drama and keep wiping out. The lifestyle consumes them and it becomes an addition. There are times when they move back to the moderate slopes but eventually they come back to the black diamond to do it all again. Very few move on.

The extreme slopes or the double black diamond. Welcome to my world! We are the world weary mongers. The ones that have seen and done it all at some point. People like me still monger because its so ingrained in us anymore. It’s all we know. I have heard every bullshit story a working girl can throw at me. I have heard every excuse know to man told to me. I have had 90% of the hustles attempted on me at some point. I get excited anymore when there is a new hustle, I’ll reward that because it amused me. Most other mongers call us bitter and pissed off. We aren’t, its just that we have seen it all. So now its just going through the motions finding what you want at a price point you will accept. Nothing more and nothing less. The game as has lost its luster but we still play.

The triple black diamond or severe slopes. I think you are a serial killer or psychopath. Flat out, while I don’t really care much anymore what a working girl does, there is still a human sitting across from me and I take that into consideration. Hell I still have feelings for a few that I have come into contact with over the years. You don’t do this lifestyle without being human. If you think you are triple black diamond then you need to consider your own actions.

These are all subjective based on my own observations over the years I have been doing this. I rated myself double black diamond just based on me and others that have been doing it for so long. Shit, I wish I could go back to the moderate slopes. I wish I had that happy-go-lucky attitude again. I still travel and I still monger but my values and my priorities have shifted.

Think of your own actions when you monger. Rate yourself where you think you belong on the slopes. Just be warned, the more you experience the more the dangers increase.