The girl I am with is on holiday. I have accommodated her as much as possible but I’m now to the point where I am like I need a night off. You can go out with your friends or whatever, but I’m too damn tired and worn out after too many late nights and no enough downtime.

5AM Somewhere

Last night I didn’t hook up with her till 10PM which was fine by me. I was happily in my room chilling out and doing my own thing. She went shopping then had to change and look good. Met up with her at her old bar.

We moved to another bar with live music, I agreed to take he friend out with us. I know her so I had no problems with this. We listened to live music for a few hours, then hit a few agogos and left the final one at 3AM. Then moved to just a beer bar and shot the shit for another few hours. We get back to my place and its 5 AM.

She was drunk and I was exhausted so no loving. I honestly didn’t much care to be honest. I wanted sleep more than anything else.

11AM Comes Early

Originally she was due to spend time with her family but she now has a family emergency. So I was like ok, you need to go home. She’s like yeah, I need to get a bus ticket and then figure it out. I was like fine by me.

She woke up at 11 after going to bed at 5. I’m like holy shit. No way am I getting up. So I saw her out the door and promptly went to bed. I’m still fucking exhausted after waking back up at 2 in the afternoon.

Even then I kept dozing back off as I refused to get out of bed. The tramadol I took for my back may have had something to do with that.

Night In

Not sure if I will see her tonight. She’s hungover and admits she’s exhausted. I’m like fine by me. I’m equally as tired and could happily enjoy an evening without you. I’m tired and just want some time to get some sleep without me having to go out into the night and entertain and be on.

Who knew her holiday could kill me like it has. Living here, I have gotten used to hiding out and doing my own thing. The constant going out has taken its toll and now I just want to curl up in a ball.

Exciting post I know, but when you deal with a Thai girl on holiday you gotta take the good with the bad.