With everything else I have had going on this week marks the first of 7 that I will not be at home. I am Las Vegas for work.

The interesting thing about Vegas is that people come here with expectations that somehow its some sinful paradise on Earth where they can let their inner demons out and be wild.

I spent yesterday evening walking the the Vegas Strip and doing some photography. I heard languages from all over. Accents from around the globe. Saw different styles of dress. All were in search of a certain something. The elusive element to make their lives that little bit more exciting.

Some people were sober. Some used alcohol as a crutch to bring out the other side. Others just felt far enough away to be different. Still, the element was there, something new something different.

It’s not here.

Las Vegas is a lot like mongering. It’s all illusion and bullshit. Mongers use their spending power to buy the illusion of intimacy. Visitors to Vegas use theirs to be something more then some worker in a faceless job back home. To be somebody.

I guess my experiences around the world watching and learning have wizened me up to the fact that any place like Vegas or Pattaya where I am heading is nothing but an illusion. Its all great until the money runs out.

So hello from Vegas and the return of the normal posting schedule!