That’s right, I left the comfy confines of Pattaya and came with Lonesome Traveler (LT) and crew to Bangkok for a few days. Nice break from the insanity that is Pattaya.

Nana Plaza

I was tired even after taking a nap in the bus on the way down. It took us a little over 2 hours to get here. We are all staying next to Nana Plaza, I’m a different hotel than them, one I have stayed at before.

After some food we started to hit some of the bars on the outside of Nana. Mostly me and LT. Finally he needed to go back to his room so I went into Nana itself.

Into The Belly Of The Beast

I ventured into Nana solo and started hitting the gogos. First one I went to I wish I didn’t. Girls were fat and disgusting and at 175 Baht a beer not worth it. Most places charged 165 Baht a beer and no one offers draft! Clearly they don’t cater to cheap cunts like me.

I hit Lolipops, Spanky’s (clearly stole my name), and a bunch of other bars. It was too the point the gogos started to blur. Once LT joined me it was a non-stop parade of gogos. I can’t even begin to tell you which ones we went into. I do know that they clearly label themselves 100% lady or not. Tons of ladyboy bars in Nana these days and those that aren’t make sure you know it.

Fading Out

Around 12:30 I started to fade out. I finally said goodnight to LT and made my way back to the room and gracefully passed out waking up at Noon today. Was a lovely sleep.

Plans are Khoa San Road today and then Soi Cowboy tonight. Will see what happens. I need to get laid in Bangkok because whats the point of coming here if I don’t. Right?

More tomorrow as I keep the report going. Head back to Pattaya on Wednesday.