I needed to make a telephone call so I went to the logical place to do so – Telephone Bar. I had a bite of Cake too.

Located Where

I am directionally challenged on a good day. Now imagine me after 17 solid days of partying and fucking and I’m pretty much useless mentally anymore.

Worked it out with Noddy how to get there and I knew where to go but my execution was flawed.

I went to the right route but instead of following the road like I should’ve I got doubts and then used Google Maps to route me.

I ended up going 20 minutes around for something that would have taken me 2 more minutes of just driving on the same road. And, if you haven’t driven using a GPS on a bike, well you haven’t lived because it’s fucking impossible.

Cake Is Served

Finally arrive and park the bike and promptly go to the front door which funnily enough looks like a London Telephone booth and ringer the buzzer.

Lady greets me and in I walk.

I am the only customer in there but I only had my eyes on one person. Cake! I had met her the last crawl but I was too fucked out to do anything.

She remembered me and I remembered her so it was drink time and tits out. Spanky was going to enjoy this.

I Know Cake

I was sweating like a pig because it was hot as hell so I was trying to cool down and enjoy my beer and talked to Cake.

It turns out I had met Cake earlier outside of her work. She was with another girl I knew from Noddy’s bar. It turns out Cake and I had run in the same circles for years but never really knew each other.

We exchanged stories and caught up on who was doing what now.

Once I was sufficiently cooled down it was time to move on.

Eaten By Cake

We moved to the back room and with no other customers I got the deluxe room with shower. I needed one regardless of how cooled down I was. I was a sweaty mess so we jumped in and scrubbed up.

Cleaned and refreshed now I laid down on the couch and Cake got to work.

Cake uses a slow, teasing blowjob technique. Lots of ball licking and ass licking I’m a fan of both so I don’t mind this. No need to rush to the main event.

She then started on me and I was a little worried because I was flagging a bit. Been that way for the last few because I really am fucked out and the drinking doesn’t help. Still, Cake is a trooper and keeps on going.

Finally after like 30 minutes I can feel the sensation I’m about to blow but it never gets there and I can tell Cake is start to get uncomfortable. Seeing how I am a gentleman I just take matters into my own hands so to speak. Cake immediately shoves her tongue up my ass and about 3 minutes later we have a result!

Please Marry Me

Once we clean up we adjourn to the bar to get my free beer and Cake a new lady drink.

There is something about Cake that just turns me on. She speaks really good English, has traveled outside of Thailand and wants to do more. Her goal is to get to America to visit her cousin in New York City.

I did offer to marry her but I figured if I get a big enough suitcase I can just put her in that. Cheaper and I really don’t have to marry her.

Off Again

Said my goodbyes and then it was off into the evening to get into trouble again. I knew how to get back without a problem. The evening adventure is another tale onto itself. Just another great moment in Pattaya and hope to have a million more like it.